Electoral commission stonewalls questions about whether all candidates have filed expenditure reports
The Electoral Commission would not confirm whether all candidates
From warriors to wimps?
The Nationalist Party was founded in 1880 by Fortunato
The rules of the game
There was nothing illegal about it. At least not
Azzopardi resigns from PN, cites disagreement with party leader over Fenech pardon
Updated to include PN reaction Former PN MP Jason
Institutionalised hypocrisy
For the past four weeks, we’ve had to sit
Labour knows
The Nationalist Party got thoroughly trashed in the last
ADPD takes Electoral Commission, State Advocate to constitutional court over electoral discrimination
ADPD, Malta’s longest-standing alternative to PL and PN, held
The many elephants in the election room
On the eve of election day, I was out
Stonewalling politicians and word salad manifestos
One of the most striking aspects of Malta’s 2022
Traditional parties in difficulty as Labour endorsed by less than half voting population
While Labour celebrates its third consecutive victory at the
Over 100 billboards on 50km stretch, at least €670,000 spent on digital advertising
The Labour Party campaign dominates political advertising on both
How the public broadcaster is letting us down
If Television Malta (TVM) were your only source of
Home to roost – Blanche Gatt
The day after tomorrow, according to all the major
UPDATED: Constitutional Court rejects PN request for prison vote re-run
Updated to include the Constitutional Court’s justification for its
Do polls produce self-fulfilling prophecies?
As the electoral campaign comes to the end of
First impressions: the governing party’s raft of electoral promises
In another instalment of The Shift’s 2022 elections series,
Manifestos vs voter concerns: does the PN square up?
In the context of yet another election dominated by
The big manifesto crunch: what are parties in opposition proposing?
In the interest of preserving The Shift’s role as
Elections in Wonderland
We seem to have slipped through the looking glass
Weaponising the vote
A reader has written to urge me to make
It’s not about money
The government has no intention of debating the Opposition’s
Stream of congratulations for Roberta Metsola, European parliament’s new president
After a plenary session which saw Maltese MEP and
Measure for measure
Consider this. In just one week three members of
Finance minister conceals last three years of Air Malta accounts, previously always made public
Finance Minister Clyde Caruana has repeatedly refused to answer
Underwhelming Asset Recovery Bureau has seized just €18,000 since 2020
The Asset Recovery Bureau (ARB), initially set up in
Former and current MPs milked OPM for ‘legal services’ worth €426,000 since 2017
A parliamentary question published on Wednesday revealed that the

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