The speaker who can’t speak – in more ways than one
The inarticulate thug occupying the post of Speaker of
Get cracking, Clyde: memo 2 to the finance minister
Finance Minister Clyde Caruana would do well to watch
The labours of Clyde: A memo to the finance minister
Finance Minister Clyde Caruana has issued a stark warning:
Institutionalised hypocrisy
For the past four weeks, we’ve had to sit
Biċċa xogħol mhux kompluta: l-għaxra min-nies li s’issa żgiċċaw minn akkuża ta’ qtil
Read this article in English here. Minkejja l-biżibilju ta’
Unfinished business: the ‘Top 10’ getting away with murder
Tista’ taqra l-artiklu bil-Malti hawn. Despite myriad institutional reports,
Taking us for fools
The past few days have succeeded in destroying what
Grey list woes – FATF assessors won’t only be looking at bank transfers and box ticking
Are you one of the many Maltese people finding
Prove us wrong, Robert Abela
Newly-returned Prime Minister Robert Abela starts his fresh legislature
A window into Mario Azzopardi’s dark, dark soul
Before I read the script for Mario Azzopardi’s foul
Home to roost – Blanche Gatt
The day after tomorrow, according to all the major
Solving crimes, the Maltese way
Victoria Buttigieg and Angelo Gafa have some explaining to
It’s only impossible until it’s done
This year, 2022, is Malta’s opportunity to prove that
A Maltese Christmas carol
Last night, many of us celebrated Christmas Eve with
The secrets on Keith’s phone
Something’s afoot in the land of misrule. Again. (And
Who took those photos?
Four days ago, in London, two Metropolitan Police officers
Bandwagon Dalli
Helena Dalli’s latest bungle as EU Equality Commissioner, necessitating
The Electrogas hockey stick
The EU could end up helping accused murderer Yorgen
SiGMA – raising the spectre of summer 2020
Robert Abela has some explaining to do. The prime
Owen Bonnici – still slyly justifying hate speech
A conference about combatting and preventing hate speech held
Wrecking the PN’s chances
If the PN continues to ignore Bernard Grech’s weak
Malta’s house of horrors
“Christ forgave the bastards, but I can’t!” – Billy
Muscat’s diabolical legacy
As shamed ex-prime minister Joseph Muscat attempts to weather
The scourge of twisted logic
A photo of what Xlendi will look like when
‘Nuxellina’ learns her fate
How do you solve a problem like Rosianne? The
Travesties of justice
A few days ago, Justice Minister Edward Zammit Lewis
Jittery moves and election chatter
Rumours of a late November general election have exploded
Clyde Caruana’s magic faraway tree
Apologies to Enid Blyton. But listening to Clyde Caruana’s
Heroes with feet of clay
Do they really not get it, all those “prosit
Labour’s grip on PBS tightens – we know where this is heading
Barely a week after the Center for Media, Data

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