State of the nation – Andre Delicata
It’s no figure of speech to say that the
Labour knows
The Nationalist Party got thoroughly trashed in the last
The legacy of a few men
The world is aware that Malta, under the premiership
To serve and protect
There’s a reason why people commit crimes. Most of
The truth and other lies
The truth will out, Keith Schembri promised his adoring
Joseph Dirige Nos
White smoke is billowing out from the police headquarters
L’état, c’est moi
The virus has been defeated and eradicated from our
Pick your poison
For a country that sells a bright image of
The snake in the grass
The “wave of racism” spreading across the country does
Stoking the fire 
Just like his predecessor, Maltese Prime Minister Robert Abela
Trust the advice of health professionals
News cycles in the mainstream media have ground to
A crook led by crooks
Journalism has several aims, including educating, entertaining and informing,
Coronavirus: common sense helps
Nature has thrown mankind a curveball, a virus that
‘Some are more equal than others’
Four years ago, Evarist Bartolo, then Education Minister, compared
Robert Abela has no business being ‘angry and hurt’
Prime Minister Robert Abela felt “angry and hurt” by
The truth about Truth
On the first morning of his presidency, Donald Trump
Redefining ‘normality’
Within a few weeks of his election, Prime Minister
How Malta became a den of thieves
The revelations emerging from the public inquiry into Daphne

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