The point of perspective
At the start of the 15th century Filippo Brunelleschi
The enemy is the state 
The State is under siege. Its enemies are everywhere.
The democracy of pigeons
Tell me that an election is coming without telling
The unexpected return of the NIMBY voter
Beyond the world of polls and surveys where Labour
The worlds we live in
I spent a good month in Gozo this summer.
Bleak house
In April 2020 I had penned a “letter to
Peregin’s PN pitch: lesser evil revisited
The Nationalist Party’s latest election strategist has begun to
Valley roads
“They had come to the desolation that lay before
Our measure of justice
Justice should be an important virtue in any society.
Cassandra’s Curse
Project Cassandra is a project by a small group
50 shades of greylisting
As the FATF D-Day approaches, the political exchanges on
The Greatest of All Time
It is silly season in the football world so
Critical thinking for critical times
Eighty-seven per cent of voters said they have always
Situations vacant
A headline in a Luxembourg newspaper this week announced
In thrall to Destiny
The Ancient Greeks had an interesting relationship with fate
Working the institutions
On Sunday we woke to the news that Minister
That sense of resignation
The temperature climbed to 27 degrees this Sunday in
It was 635 for, 46 against and 12 abstentions.
Pulcinella’s secret
Some junior minister whose name is not worth remembering
Inscribed in stone
There was obviously a commemorative plaque that needed unveiling
We are not OK
It is enough to drive you insane. That feeling
Justice and atonement
The Easter period seems to have brought with it
Axis vs Allied: The truth wars
A banner goes up outside the offices of The
New Zealand lamb
I found the timing of Keith Schembri’s arraignment and
The damn nation
The latest cartoon from the Charlie Hebdo stables to
Hot under the collar
That press conference. People were still talking about it
Oceania 1984, Malta 2021
The flashes began with the news that Assistant Commissioner
We could be anti-heroes
The end of this month brought with it the
Partial Law
I was almost tempted to waste another article dissecting
Unity: the new opiate of the people
The news that President George Vella has announced a