Labour MEP hopeful wants PN traitors “trashed” in next year’s election
Labour MEP hopeful Josef Caruana hopes that Nationalist MEPs
In defence of greed and the pursuit of votes
The Nationalist Party strategists have come up with a
The plight of ‘homeless voters’
The Maltese electorate can be more or less divided
Labour is the eternal underdog, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat
A one-party state in the making 
March 2008. In what turned out to be a
The triumph of reverse snobbery 
Not so long ago, Labour supporters were the victims
Why do the Maltese vote for corrupt politicians?
The Lovin Malta poll published this week provides striking
When the positive turns negative: The PN’s mission to please Labour
The Nationalist Party’s new leadership is silent on Malta’s
Aquarius crisis reignites cross-party racism
Last week’s diplomatic row between Italian interior minister Matteo
A new way that’s the same way
On Friday, The Shift News published an article that
If you can’t beat them, join them
Adrian Delia’s speech at last Sunday’s PN general council
1 May: Idolatry and Xenophobia
The 1st of May or what is known as
Perpetuating tribalism at the University student council elections
The polls are clear. New voters are increasingly disenfranchised
Life in the trenches of political warfare 
The headquarters of the two main political parties sit
Gaffarena scandal: putting things in perspective
The events that followed the court’s decision on Tuesday
Sectarianism only strengthens democracy by the mighty for the mighty
Government’s line of defence, especially when faced by international
Ditched MPs’ pension reform: a lost opportunity 
This week government withdrew outrageous amendments on MPs’ pensions
PN councillor resigns from Party
Nationalist Party councillor Charlot Cassar yesterday cut his ties
Delia’s PN must transform itself into a real alternative
Nominating Simon Busuttil as PN spokesperson on good governance
Adrian Delia to shadow justice minister
Five months into his PN leadership Adrian Delia has
PN files judicial protest over ‘shameful’ Vitals deal
The Opposition filed a judicial protest against the Prime
Labour non-committal on anti-SLAPP bill
Labour has not committed itself to supporting the Private Member’s
The political strategists’ endgame
The Government has a lot to be thankful for
Parliament to debate law amendments to protect journalists against crippling lawsuits
A Private Member’s Bill being presented in Parliament today
Rizzo nomination: valid or not?
The news that former Police Commissioner John Rizzo had
Plugging the big ODZ loophole
The Partit Demokratiku is presenting a private members bill
A dodgy Christmas Tax Deal for Delia
Opposition Leader Adrian Delia owes €80,000 in unpaid taxes,
2017: A ‘strongman’ wins the country, another the PN
The last quarter of 2017 saw a dramatic change
PD calls the shots as PN gets bogged down in hunting swamp
The motion calling on the government to retract the

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