The Shift is a digital newspaper dedicated to investigative journalism and the defence of press freedom.

We’re also the only outlet in Malta that refuses to take funding or advertising from the government or political parties, in order to ensure our independence.

Malta is facing a crisis of governance in a media landscape stifled by political interference and control. Environmental and social challenges are also affecting citizens’ quality of life. There has never been a more urgent need in the country for journalism that speaks truth to power without fear or favour.

We’re working to bring about a shift in the media landscape that leads to a fairer, more democratic and just society. And we’re doing that with our most dedicated readers, whose donations fund our investigations.

When it comes to slow news, we believe less is better. 

The Shift publishes one to three articles per day on Monday to Saturday, with one column published every Sunday morning.

Join us for investigative journalism, expert columnists, coverage of the most important issues affecting press freedom, and collaborations with international news organizations investigating cross-border corruption

Here’s what others are saying about us

“The Shift News really plays a crucial role in fighting for freedom of expression, freedom of the media and freedom to investigate #corruption and expose the corrupt” – Ana Gomes, former Socialist MEP 

“Appreciate the efforts you make to keep independent journalism alive in Malta.” — Steve Fenech

“I support The Shift for its ground-breaking investigative journalism in Malta in the wake of the assassination of the country’s most important investigative journalist, Daphne Caruana Galizia,” said Sarah Clarke, Article 19

“Guess many countries have rule of law problems and some of them much worst than what’s happening in Malta, but I have never seen a newspaper fighting back like you’re doing. I read The Shift News everyday and i’m not even Maltese. I’m from Portugal. That’s how much I love your work. All my endless gratitude and respect for you!” — Ângela Ferreira

“I support The Shift News because it is an important voice for independent journalism remaining in Malta, and because investigative journalism matters for Europe.” – Nora Wehofsits, European Centre for Press & Media Freedom

“Keep up the great work, nothing is as effective in stopping the corrupt as the truth.” — M. D.

“I support The Shift News because it’s every European’s right to know the truth and to hold power to account”. — Tom Gibson, EU Representative for the US-based Committee for the Protection of Journalists