The environment is political too
The Planning Authority’s recent approval of the permit for
A country of two truths
One of the most fascinating facets of Maltese society
End of discussion on Egrant? No way
On the recommencement of Parliament following the summer recess,
Slovakia is no normal country 
Malta and Slovakia don’t have much in common. The
A personal appeal
A heartfelt appeal made by Rosa Borg is being
Mintoff ‘is-Salvatur’ and Joseph ‘il-King’: Political cults and democracy
You would think the Maltese would be more adept
The infinite wisdom of the Attorney General 
Testifying in court this week, Attorney General Peter Grech
‘Wake up Europe’, indeed!
The op-ed by European leaders published in some of
No, we can’t
The approval of Silvio Debono’s towers of greed by
Aren’t you glad you’re funding the Labour Party’s electoral success?
A year after the Labour Party shot to power
Vote Joseph and Adrian, get Silvio Debono 
Planning Authority board members are being blamed for ignoring
It’s a right, not a provocation
The government’s actions to suppress freedom of expression and
Liberal democracy should trump populism
The Greek root of ‘democracy’ is ‘dēmokratía’, whose literal
From ‘civil rights champions’ to denying citizens the right to protest 
The right to protest is one of the cornerstones
The call for justice will not be silenced
I was discussing the situation in Malta with a
Merde alors!
An exasperated Jean Asselborn – Luxembourg’s Foreign Affairs Minister
The gloves are off
Malta, 13 September 2018. A group of environmental protestors
Protesters deserve our gratitude
We got used to the fact that law enforcement
In defence of greed and the pursuit of votes
The Nationalist Party strategists have come up with a
‘Jiena, Joe Sultana’
I had heard of Joe Sultana well before I
An act of resistance
There’s a scene in a film called Matilda –
It’s not freedom when you have no choice
Public land does not stop being public just because
We need less, not more
One word which is often used to describe Malta
Of witches, misogyny and lessons from history
Of all the insults Daphne Caruana Galizia had to
If it’s broken don’t fix it 
The Attorney General Peter Grech on Wednesday accused the
Australia’s migrant policy is no model for us
In the First World War, Wilfred Owen once wrote,
When did we become like this?
Over the last few weeks, I have found it
Where there’s smoke, there’s fire 
The black plumes of smoke rising from the Maghtab
No political will for public inquiry into journalist’s assassination
The most significant aspect of the government’s reply to
Back to Basics: What is the ‘rule of law’?
Perhaps the easiest way to explain the Rule of

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