This is not about ‘Sophia’
Not content with selling citizenship as a commodity, Malta
‘Fake news’ – a government tool
In 2017, “fake news” was the Collins English Dictionary’s
Malta puts the ‘cult’ in culture
It’s no secret that the Maltese put the ‘cult’
Government of, by and for big business 
The European Commission need not bother investigate the deal
Another little step to stifle press freedom
Xarabank is not the most defensible programme out there.
Trapping at tax payers’ expense
The trapping season opened on 20 October, for Song
Democracy cannot be safeguarded by gatekeepers
Almost a month after his disappearance, there is little
Malta for Dummies #7: Parallel universe
In Malta, where everything is upside down and topsy-turvy,
The big compromise
US President Donald Trump has made it very clear
A Dark Day for Freedom of Expression in Malta
By Sarah Clarke, Advocacy Manager, PEN International. This is
Nothing to fear but the truth
Her words in our last conversation a few days
When the justice minister distorts the rule of law
Minister Owen Bonnici wrote an extremely deceptive and deceitful
The political centre is moving to the right 
On Sunday, Adrian Delia regaled us one of his
Daphne’s murder can help us overcome fear
Fear is kind of like booze. A little of
Keep calm and continue pillaging the country 
Liar, fraudster, loser, delusional and traitor are but few
The show must go on
Prime Minister Joseph Muscat and Economy Minister Chris Cardona
The State of Siege
“Isn’t it fascinating that Nazis always manage to adopt
Get serious about violence against women
As if the situation was not already dire enough
The curious case of Chris Cardona and the German brothel 
Putting deputy police commissioner Silvio Valletta in charge of
The environment is political too
The Planning Authority’s recent approval of the permit for
A country of two truths
One of the most fascinating facets of Maltese society
End of discussion on Egrant? No way
On the recommencement of Parliament following the summer recess,
Slovakia is no normal country 
Malta and Slovakia don’t have much in common. The
A personal appeal
A heartfelt appeal made by Rosa Borg is being
Mintoff ‘is-Salvatur’ and Joseph ‘il-King’: Political cults and democracy
You would think the Maltese would be more adept
The infinite wisdom of the Attorney General 
Testifying in court this week, Attorney General Peter Grech
‘Wake up Europe’, indeed!
The op-ed by European leaders published in some of
No, we can’t
The approval of Silvio Debono’s towers of greed by
Aren’t you glad you’re funding the Labour Party’s electoral success?
A year after the Labour Party shot to power
Vote Joseph and Adrian, get Silvio Debono 
Planning Authority board members are being blamed for ignoring

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