Baby snatching hoax exposes racist undercurrent
TVM has done a good job of exposing as
When love trumps Delia’s legalisms
By presenting a motion that would have denied same-sex
How taxpayers paid for Labour’s electoral campaign
114 persons were employed by the Armed Forces in
Constitutional Reform: An Iceland in the Mediterranean?
The present government clearly has an electoral mandate to
Zero tolerance for violence on women
Maltese women are among the most likely to experience
A weak opposition is bad news for the country
Surveys published in the past months indicate that the
The majority is not always right
The new Labour administration has been in office for
Concrete steps for the development of democracy
Prof Kevin Aquilina, the Dean of the Faculty of
Dangerous tribalism and fake nationalism
The latest facebook threat by someone who believes that
Libel: Time to turn the tables
Journalists have been attacked time and time again in
The University I am for
In April of this year, the Ministry for Education
PA Chairman’s blueprint for a junky nation
Planning Authority Executive Chairman Johann Buttigieg believes that “as
Ignorance or deception? Minister Ian Borg got it wrong
The dangers of the statement made yesterday by Malta’s
After Daphne’s execution: The rise of civil society
Two consecutive national demonstrations organised by Civil Society Network
An arrest warrant for a whistleblower
Labour MEP Miriam Dalli countered criticism in the European
The power of crooks is not impregnable
In recent weeks, the world has turned its eyes
Timing of press law review suspect
The timing of the government’s focus on the Press
While Rome burns…Konrad and Joseph fiddle
The government’s reaction to a resolution on the collapse
Corruption: We are our own problem
It was one of those completely serendipitous moments. I
Europe has not failed us, Muscat did
MEPs who lambasted Malta’s track record on the rule
AUM: A white elephant  in the making?
The American University of Malta has only managed to
The real war on truth
“The Ministry of Truth contained, it was said, three
After Daphne’s Execution: Delia’s ‘honeymoon’ interrupted
Newly-elected PN leader Adrian Delia has been deprived of
Why the EU resolution is good news for Malta
  For many of us, EU membership is important
The song of the Sausage Peoples
You hear it at night, carried on the heavy
Hands off our public university
Lovin Malta picked on a crucial aspect of the
What women are still up against
Former GWU chief Tony Zarb’s comments were just the
Dr Sant and Mr Hyde
Former Prime Minister Alfred Sant is not your typical
Of Protests and Business as Usual
In today’s Malta the majority of Maltese people have
A human economy
Free markets fail to give due consideration to the

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