The miseducation of democracy
Two days after Bidnija was stained with the blood
Manoel Island: Planning Directorate confirms possible further development
In its praise of recent amendments to the Manoel
Political ownership of the media must end
The problem with addressing risk factors in the media
Manoel Island: another monster in the making?
The rough leaf-shape of Manoel Island could soon be
Another little step to stifle press freedom
Xarabank is not the most defensible programme out there.
The environment is political too
The Planning Authority’s recent approval of the permit for
Liberal democracy should trump populism
The Greek root of ‘democracy’ is ‘dēmokratía’, whose literal
Australia’s migrant policy is no model for us
In the First World War, Wilfred Owen once wrote,
Racism, a symptom of something worse
In 1995, Umberto Eco gave a lecture outlining Ur-Fascism,
Civil society matters
Democracy is defined as ‘rule of the people’. Since
Singapore in the Mediterranean: it may be closer than you think
Muscat’s metropolitan dream frequently emerges in statements expressing his
Keeping up appearances
For decades, cartoonists and street artists have exaggerated the
Without media literacy, politicians could dictate veracity
Free access to information is considered to be the
Why media literacy is needed
If information is carefully processed by media agencies, with
Truth under siege
By obfuscating the very definition of freedom of expression,
Hate speech and double standards
The horrific hit-and-run of PC Schembri triggered widespread outrage
Violence a result of government-fostered impunity, not dissent
In the wake of the incident involving PC Schembri,
Wealthier politicians, friendlier patrons?
In another EU state, even a whiff of hidden
Schadenfreude has expired
The German language has a wonderful word to describe
Perpetuating tribalism at the University student council elections
The polls are clear. New voters are increasingly disenfranchised
What price tag for political parties to take control of the university student council?
With the university student council (KSU) elections coming up
Prime Minister, where do you stand?
The government voting against legislation that would prohibit expensive
Hellbent against dissent
Psychology suggests that mischievous, stubborn children are more likely
Cambridge Analytica: subverting democracy, one Facebook profile at a time
Striking a balance between security and privacy has been
How begging bowl politics threatens journalism
Last week, Times of Malta journalists phoned MP Rosianne
No serenity without transparency
Lyman Frank Baum’s Wicked Witch of the West melts
To defend Malta, defend the memorial
In the dead of night, Daphne Caruana Galizia’s memorial
What our architecture says about us
“If you want to understand what’s most important to
The Prime Minister’s accountability
Following the murder of Jan Kuciak and his girlfriend,
Reclaiming our democracy
A few days after former Labour MP Luciano Busuttil

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