The great Maltese dream
“Socialism never took root in America because the poor
Enemies of reason
Someone really should have told Kanye West that he
It takes a society
If you’ve ever watched the 1948 Italian film “Bicycle
Beyond the slogans, where’s the substance?
Patriarchy isn’t merely a misogynistic system that places men
Back to the Labour’s future
In Malta, it’s never actually about the policies or
Let’s call hypocrisy by its name
If one child starts bullying another child in a
Schroedinger’s (Mus)Cat
In most areas of our life we all understand
Malta puts the ‘cult’ in culture
It’s no secret that the Maltese put the ‘cult’
‘We are Daphne’: New music video pays tribute to slain journalists
It has been a year since Daphne Caruana Galizia
Daphne’s murder can help us overcome fear
Fear is kind of like booze. A little of
The State of Siege
“Isn’t it fascinating that Nazis always manage to adopt
Mintoff ‘is-Salvatur’ and Joseph ‘il-King’: Political cults and democracy
You would think the Maltese would be more adept
It’s a right, not a provocation
The government’s actions to suppress freedom of expression and
The call for justice will not be silenced
I was discussing the situation in Malta with a
An act of resistance
There’s a scene in a film called Matilda –
A class of their own
One of my favourite films of all time is
The choices we make
We are a reflection of our society, and our
Losing Joseph Muscat’s religion
There’s a joke by Emo Philips that goes “I

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