Italy joins countries investigating bank in Azerbaijan corruption scheme
Prosecutors in Milan are now also investigating Danske Bank
Together alone: new documentary highlights the issue of loneliness
Ronnie Stafrace, 71, had not been seen for several
Huawei top executive accused of fraud in breach of US sanctions
The arrest of Huawei’s chief financial officer Meng Wanzhou sparked
When crime pays
Justice Minister Owen Bonnici put to lie Finance Minister
Panama Papers: Mossack Fonseca employees indicted by US authorities
Four men have been indicted in connection with their
Malta embraces China’s Huawei as other countries give it the boot
New Zealand is the latest in a list of
Hospital pharmacists on industrial action for third time this year
Public sector pharmacists registered an industrial dispute for the
OLAF finds gross irregularities at Malta-based EU asylum office
The EU’s anti-fraud watchdog OLAF has uncovered a range
‘Steer clear of Malta’ investors told at international conference on financial crime
Strong collaboration between countries was closing the net on
When the justice minister distorts the rule of law
Minister Owen Bonnici wrote an extremely deceptive and deceitful
End of discussion on Egrant? No way
On the recommencement of Parliament following the summer recess,
How Joseph Muscat trumps the rule of law in Malta
In the US, the rule of law prevails. In
Edward Scicluna must go
Brussels has warned Malta it would face court action
Reclaiming our democracy
“The era of liberal democracy is over,” Hungary’s Prime
Malta and Azerbaijan: A sordid love affair
Just when everyone thought that the Panama Papers were
EXPLAINER: Why calls for ‘proof’ of money laundering are ridiculous
Money laundering (ML) is one of the most serious
Fake feminism from a fake government
Anna Borg, the director of the Centre for Labour
EXPLAINER: How criminals get away with laundering their money
Money laundering is what makes crime profitable. Without laundering
Power to the People!
Very broadly speaking, there are three categories of states.
Money Laundering: Who cares?
Money laundering is one of the key ‘engines of
Was Cambridge Analytica’s psychological warfare used in Malta?
This week Cambridge Analytica, as well as its parent
Malta in the dock
Pilatus Bank owner Ali Sadr has not been accused
Rule of law is dead but we can resuscitate it
Prime Minister Joseph Muscat and his government insist that
Shoulder to shoulder with journalists
The systematic asphyxiation of the media happening all around
The masters of spin
The latest hogwash doing the rounds is that Daphne
Life in the trenches of political warfare 
The headquarters of the two main political parties sit
No, Malta is not a normal country
In case you have not noticed, or you have
The meaning of Pilatus 
The magnificent mountain which goes by the name of
Discretion without constraints is unregulated power
We recently learnt that Court sentences can be deleted
The right not to forget
Justice minister Owen Bonnici has shown great concern over

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