Let them eat baked beans
The last few months have been tough and the
Show us a better way
“Now, class. Sit up straight, pay attention. Today is
Don’t you dare call us fatties
Anyone who has followed the career of Boris Johnson
Dear Joe, we’ve seen this before
“The whole bunch of them should resign en masse.
Michelle…Queen of Floaters
Michelle Muscat has started her training regime for this
The truth and other lies
The truth will out, Keith Schembri promised his adoring
A call for wider, deeper reforms in Venice Commission’s guarded opinion
In an 18-page report filled with caveats, subtleties and
Turning a blind eye
Tuesday 14 September 1993. This is the moment I
‘It’s complicated’: Over two years’ delay for a simple change in law
For a government that prides itself on its progressiveness
A gift from the Queen
Friday is my favourite day of the week because
Joseph Dirige Nos
White smoke is billowing out from the police headquarters
Prime Minister given evidence of inquiry 5 days before he was questioned
One of the things that emerge from scrutiny of
L’état, c’est moi
The virus has been defeated and eradicated from our
The Kon-rat Principle
In 2013 he was presented to us as the
Pick your poison
For a country that sells a bright image of
Opposition and civil society raise the stakes on rule of law reforms
In a move that raises the stakes on rule
The war chest is empty
It would be interesting to know how much money,
Rule of law reforms reflect Prime Minister’s reluctance to shift power
If first impressions count, then the first impression of
Quid pro quo
Robert Abela was consultant extraordinaire to former Prime Minister
A young lawyer you have never heard of and why he’s the news
A young student stood up during a heated political
Are sea rescue NGOs really a pull factor for migration?
Foreign Affairs Minister Evarist Bartolo took to Facebook last
The snake in the grass
The “wave of racism” spreading across the country does
Angry? Get in line please
It was just over a month ago that Tim
Leaked details on judicial reform get a thumbs down from experts
Senior justice sources have denounced the proposed reforms of
Stoking the fire 
Just like his predecessor, Maltese Prime Minister Robert Abela
No bridge over troubled waters
Robert Abela’s rise to power was quite an easy
Keeping our eyes on the ball: human rights in the time of COVID-19
Guest op-ed from IFEX Executive Director, Annie Game. For
Malta’s new version of Trump
On Palm Sunday, Prime Minister Robert Abela told people
State funding of the independent media
Media freedom is what it says – freedom from
Trust the advice of health professionals
News cycles in the mainstream media have ground to