Against all odds
Posters, affixed to the closed doors of Nationalist Party
Defenders, deniers, traitors, avoiders: MEP candidates on press freedom
MEP candidates agree that press freedom and the rule
Joseph Muscat’s ‘top priority’: The empty promise of social housing since 2013
Prime Minister Joseph Muscat declared on Sunday that there
We’re losing money… and food
This is a guest post by Antoine P. Borg.
Remembering the living
The sun stung our necks last Saturday as we
Wrongful execution
This is a guest post by Kristina Abela. The
The criminal underbelly
This is a guest post by Antoine P. Borg
Impunity is the name of the game
The closing remarks of the Council of Europe’s Special
The march of the dark brigade
How can journalists fight back against threats and violence?
Where were you?
This is a guest post by Arnold Cassola. The
On the journalist’s duty to scrutinise those in power… and their spouses
“Respect for truth and for the right of the
Looking through the glass bell jar
Nanna’s house was like Victory Kitchen. Huge pots and
Smoke and mirrors: The personal account of an AUM staff member
This is a guest post by a former staff
Herrera, where is your accountability?
While the white flags are being torn apart in
Please don’t go back to your country
Prime Minister Joseph Muscat announced last week that not
The promise of Malta
I first came to Malta a year after it
In the name of free speech
Over the weekend, Law Commissioner Franco Debono unleashed a
Shut up and be positive
Just when you thought you’d heard it all –
Prime Minister, where is your humanity?
Joseph Muscat’s behaviour in court on Thursday, during the
Undeserved respect for the judiciary
A legal bid by PN MP Simon Busuttil and
Pimping out the country
Prostitution is alive and well in Malta. I am
Halal(baloo): face it, you’re a xenophobe
One topic that has filled my news feed over
Malta and the laundering of Azeri money
Forbes, one of the world’s leading business magazines, has
An epidemic of shamelessness
Konrad Mizzi, the Minister who negotiated the deal with
When silence means consent
You can easily laugh off taunts levelled at critics
Pigs at the trough
The reaction of the Party in government to revelations
Land is worth more than money
Land in Malta is the scarcest and most valuable
Migration ‘crisis’ could reshape Europe
The latest shameful episode of Europe’s migration crisis is
Tackling the migration challenge in the central Mediterranean
This is a guest post by Martin Cauchi Inglott
Digging Malta (and Gozo) into a hole
The government is bulldozing ahead (metaphorically at least) with