Courts are not there to pass on messages – Chamber of Advocates
The Chamber of Advocates has expressed its disappointment at
Don’t fall for Abela’s ruse
Robert Abela is like that spoiled kid with overindulgent
No improvement in Malta’s standing in the latest rule of law report
Malta’s global rank for the rule of law remains
Monsters and heroes
There are no heroes. In life, the monsters win.
European Parliament resolution calls for withdrawal of FOI appeals against The Shift
Members of the European Parliament are calling on the
Muscat’s mob rule
“Our voice is not one crying in the desert
Brussels names Muscat, Malta shrugs
This week we had two EU reports on Malta’s
‘Full justice must not be denied’ – reactions to European Commission’s rule of law report on Malta
Following the publication of the European Commission’s annual rule
State of the nation – Andre Delicata
It’s no figure of speech to say that the
Rigged – Jacques René Zammit
It is the nature of lotteries that they are
Fresh faces, same old hands – Ranier Fsadni
What do Victoria Buttigieg, Angelo Gafà, Miriam Dalli and
PL and PN battle in ongoing horse-trading over key rule of law watchdogs 
Prime Minister Robert Abela is actively seeking a trade-off
Robert Abela’s alternate reality on Twitter
Twitter, along with other social media platforms, often forms
The flipside of freedom
What then is freedom if not the power to
Keeping up appearances – Ranier Fsadni
One of life’s mysteries is how two men could
Echoing concerns: 3 high profile reports on Malta’s rule of law in 2 days
Three analyses on the rule of law in Malta
‘We got the impression that without external pressure reforms would not have been done’ – MEPs
From their latest fact-finding mission in Malta, six civil
Compliance in their words
GRECO (the Group of States against Corruption), the Council
Malta has shown ‘little visible response to allegations of corruption’ – PACE
There has been “little visible response” to allegations of
MEPs in Malta – box-ticking can’t hide the reality
If we were to list the tasks Malta was
Biċċa xogħol mhux kompluta: l-għaxra min-nies li s’issa żgiċċaw minn akkuża ta’ qtil
Read this article in English here. Minkejja l-biżibilju ta’
Unfinished business: the ‘Top 10’ getting away with murder
Tista’ taqra l-artiklu bil-Malti hawn. Despite myriad institutional reports,
Malta’s options are running out
The impunity enjoyed by the disgraced former prime minister
Ageing without grace
Joseph Muscat turned 48 last week. His 49th-year resolution
The devil’s tricks
The storm of scandals that has hit the Labour
Good governance is not the order of the day
It is unclear why anyone would think it was
Malta scores below regional average in new rule of law report
Malta has ranked below the regional average in every
On the abuse of office
“What’s in it for you?” is perhaps one of
Disposable foreigners and the road to riches
Jaiteh Lamin fell two storeys from a building site

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