Council of Europe warns Maltese government to stop delaying reforms for justice and rule of law
The government does not intend to address loopholes that
Beyond the posturing
The Council of Europe has called on the Maltese
A moment that deserves to last
There’s no hyperbole in saying that what happened last
The legacy of a few men
The world is aware that Malta, under the premiership
By popular opinion
I was proud to be among the contributors to
Your cowardice and greed killed Daphne
It’s a strange coincidence that my 100th column for
Venice Commission ‘disappointed’ as it unpicks ‘rushed’ rule of law reform
The Venice Commission said in its latest Opinion last
Best and worst practices
Hours following the publication of the European Commission’s first
Breaking news shouldn’t break us
“It is institutions that help preserve decency. They need
Migration, rule of law and equality among European Commission priorities
On 16 September, President of the European Commission Ursula
Your gift to Malta’s richest families
What an incredibly generous thing you did, paying Electrogas’
Collaborators and enablers
I watched the non-face off that was the Xarabank
‘Transparently yours, Joseph’
For a man who campaigned on a promise of
The Venice Commission is a joke
A recent package of constitutional reforms was trumpeted as
The loyalty of crooks
Vouchers. Tourism Minister Julia Farrugia is convinced that rather
Why fix what you can hide?
In their latest attempt to make things look better
The Importance of Being Bernard
Barring any last-minute surprises, the race for nationalist party
Malta is highly contagious
There’s a plague raging on the streets of Malta,
Chief Justice and Justice Minister now gatekeepers to complaints against the judiciary
The Commission for the Administration of Justice last autumn
Mizzi was always expendable
Another domino has fallen, but it’s too soon to
A call for wider, deeper reforms in Venice Commission’s guarded opinion
In an 18-page report filled with caveats, subtleties and
Omtzigt calls on Maltese authorities to end impunity and make reforms real
Special Rapporteur Pieter Omtzigt welcomed the new opinion issued
It’s time for Europol to intervene
The brutal killing of Daphne Caruana Galizia will not
Turning a blind eye
Tuesday 14 September 1993. This is the moment I
Conviction of prominent journalist in the Philippines condemned
Amal Clooney and Caoilfhionn Gallagher QC have expressed condemnation
It looks bad because it is bad
“It looks bad, but it’s not.” So said Edward
Progress in anti-corruption recommendations ‘unimpressive’
Malta’s progress in implementing the recommendations by anti-corruption body
Why is Cardona still walking around?
The Deputy Leader of the Labour Party is accused
Empty words and technicalities
“No thanks, we’ve already got some.” That was the