Muscatonomics and Abela
It’s the season of second waves. First, COVID-19; now,
Underlying conditions
The phrase ‘underlying conditions’ will soon join the likes
When continuity does not work
The Ancient Greeks would resort to an Oracle whenever
Objections quashed: migrants’ ship given green light at €1m per month
The government has been given the green light by
‘Malta must uphold right to expression and assembly’
The removal of the protest memorial set up for
‘Government should not interfere in public inquiry’ – Caruana Galizia family
The Caruana Galizia family lawyers have made a submission
Malta risks losing €5 million EU funds for ‘unbuilt’ migrant centre, PM to detain migrants offshore
The government’s delay in building a €7 million migrant
Mario Cutajar refuses to explain why he lied about Muscat’s resignation letter
Mario Cutajar, head of the civil service, is refusing
EXCLUSIVE: Prime Minister to spend €1m a month to detain migrants on ship
The government will be paying €33,500 a day, or
OPM silent on guarantees as doctors stress importance of enforcement
As the Doctor’s Association stresses the need for nationwide
The loyalty of crooks
Vouchers. Tourism Minister Julia Farrugia is convinced that rather
Joseph Cuschieri again ambassador to Athens after diplomatic blunder
Eyebrows are being raised in diplomatic circles, particularly among
Troubling silence surrounding long term impact of COVID-19 on survivors
There is a deafening silence surrounding COVID-19. It may
Offers for detention vessels for migrants amount to tens of thousands per day
The government’s latest idea to re-introduce the detention of
COVID-19 and what matters
We can agree to hold Robert Abela to account
‘No documents’ to show for €1.7 million hosting of migrants
The Home Affairs Ministry has replied to a Freedom
‘Up to 10,000 people could be waiting for COVID-19 swab tests’
There could be 10,000 people still waiting to take
Robert Trump: The politics of the absurd
Here is something to think about: there were less
‘No major changes for journalists since Abela’ – Reporters Without Borders
International press freedom NGO Reporters Without Borders has “unfortunately”
Masks, lies and gifts
Prime Minister Robert Abela chose to wear a mask
Stock replies bingo 
When former prime minister Joseph Muscat was asked to
I’d have done it differently
At the public inquiry into the assassination of Daphne
Everyone’s digging their heels in
Deny, deny, deny. And when the clock runs out
Robert Abela rewrites history
Only one mistake, eh? For Robert Abela that is
Court ruling halts demotions for pilots, but redundancies may go ahead
The court has declared that it cannot stop the