Labour’s moral compass
At 5am this morning, Evarist Bartolo uploaded another post
‘The fight for justice for Daphne will never stop’
The call for justice and truth for the assassination
The woman who will not be forgotten
As each testimony in the ongoing court trial on
Carry on as ‘normal’
The Prime Minister has tried hard to reach the
The kink in the armour
Government ministers have a new buzzword. They tell us
Government boasts of ‘biggest fuel price fall ever recorded’ despite EU disparity
The government was quick to promote its new measure
Joseph Dirige Nos
White smoke is billowing out from the police headquarters
The politics behind the budget
Robert Abela has hyped up tomorrow’s mini-budget. He’s said
If Miżieb and l-Aħrax are to be run by an NGO, why not give it to conservationists?
The Nationalist Party is open to Mizieb and L-Ahrax
Why is Cardona still walking around?
The Deputy Leader of the Labour Party is accused
Malta caught in diplomatic quarrel over seized counterfeit money to Libya
Malta has been caught in a diplomatic tug of
Steward Healthcare US changes hands; asks for State bail out for Pennsylvania hospital
Steward Healthcare US Vice President Michael Callum issued an
Prime Minister given evidence of inquiry 5 days before he was questioned
One of the things that emerge from scrutiny of
L’état, c’est moi
The virus has been defeated and eradicated from our
€6 million in direct orders from the Prime Minister’s Office in 3 years
The Office of the Prime Minister dished out close
Speedy conclusion of inquiry into migrant deaths ‘not normal’
Repubblika has expressed surprise and concern about the magisterial
‘Floriana celebrations a result of mixed messages on pandemic’
It is easy for public outrage to turn onto
Hate Speech Unit receives 32 reports in seven months
The Hate Crime and Speech Unit, which was set
What are they so desperate to hide?
Someone sure doesn’t want Joseph Muscat’s resignation letter to
No clear answers on ‘offshore prisons’ amid concerns
International and local human rights NGOs are calling on
Relatives of asylum seekers who died at sea file judicial protest against Abela
The relatives of two asylum-seekers who died at sea
The war chest is empty
It would be interesting to know how much money,
Wash, rinse, repeat
When The Shift started monitoring government disinformation tactics in
Flying the Jolly Dodger
When Robert Abela’s critics call him the continuity candidate,
Buying silence one stooge at a time
Former Police Commissioner Lawrence Cutajar is the latest Muscat
Cutajar became ‘consultant’ same day he left police commissioner role
Former Police Commissioner Lawrence Cutajar signed a €31,000 part
Quid pro quo
Robert Abela was consultant extraordinaire to former Prime Minister
Keeping up appearances: new roles for familiar faces
Every time the Maltese government seemingly takes a step
Hostage drama on the high seas
Malta is holding 57 people hostage on the high