Dark clouds on the horizon
Robert Abela has chosen his hill to die on.
EXCLUSIVE: Muscat paid €120,000 in secret golden handshake
Maltese taxpayers have been billed a hefty €120,000 to
Tarnished gold
Finally, after far too many long years, the European
Keeping things in check #2
We at The Shift were not exaggerating when we
You’re bankrolling personal fiefdoms
Robert Abela has problems on his hands, and they’re
A squared circle of criminals
How do you break a circle of criminality, especially
Does Neville Gafa live in the Libyan embassy?
Neville Gafa was “operating under Libyan jurisdiction” when he
For the people or against?
“One is either for the people or against” Joseph
Glenn Bedingfield swallowed his shoe
Poor Glenn Bedingfield got slapped down. Even Anglu Farrugia
Disinformation Watch: amplifying the absurd
It has been all of two weeks since the
Speaker shoots down Bedingfield’s ‘breach of privilege’ against The Shift
Glenn Bedingfield, doing the cute pooch to His Master’s
Prime Minister Robert Abela misled parliament on expenditure on public relations firms
Contrary to what Prime Minister Robert Abela told parliament,
Here we go again
The time for platitudes is over. As yet another
The workers’ heckler
Watching Robert Abela give his May Day address yesterday
Hijacked nation
The European Parliament’s resolution condemning the Malta Labour Party’s
Waiting for Godot
Two tramps, Estragon and Vladimir, stand idly by a
PN agrees with passport scheme, subject to an ‘open and transparent’ process
The findings that emerged from a joint media investigation
Abela Advocates lawyer becomes Gaming Authority chairman
Ryan Pace, a young lawyer who works with the
Labour’s ‘responsible’ drug abuse
Cannabis is Labour’s latest distraction tactic. In its relentless
Justice isn’t a game show
Is there anyone in Malta who isn’t desperate to
Keith Schembri’s disinformation
There was already a lot to unpack in Keith
It’s no longer possible to separate the criminals from the politicians
Robert Abela won’t take action unless the hitman the
Private opulence amid public squalor
Publice egestas, privatim opulentia – public squalor, private opulence
‘No one believes that no politician is involved in Daphne Caruana Galizia’s murder’
“No one believes Prime Minister Robert Abela when he
Autocratic and abusive
The government is targeting its critics again. This time
A systemic failure
As Covid cases continue to rise, we are in
Hot under the collar
That press conference. People were still talking about it
Under pressure
Watching Robert Abela’s extraordinary response to legitimate questions from