Government spent at least €89.2 million on questionable direct orders since July 2020
Just five of The Shift’s multiple investigations into government-issued
The sound of doors slamming shut
What must it be like to be Clyde Caruana,
Still sinking with no end in sight
Finance Ministry permanent secretary Alfred Camilleri claimed Malta would
A country built on dirty money
For almost 20 years, Malta has built much of
Musical chairs at Electoral Commission as political parties prepare for looming elections
Several new faces reflecting the recent leadership changes at
The democracy of pigeons
Tell me that an election is coming without telling
Framing the electoral choice
They slipped under the radar, Malta’s most significant responses
Public gathering and protest swim at Marsascala Bay to defend ‘only open space left’
Residents and activists gathered in Marsascala this afternoon for
The unexpected return of the NIMBY voter
Beyond the world of polls and surveys where Labour
The controlled explosion
Nothing shows how much has changed in the relationship
Repubblika warns prime minister to keep promises made after publication of public inquiry report
Civil society NGO Repubblika called on prime minister Robert
What’s up?
I am not referring to the chat application frequently
Sleeping with the fishes
The publication of the conclusions of the public inquiry
Robert the Weak
Robert I, popularly known as Robert the Bruce, was
Golden handshakes: double payouts for reinstated politicians
At least four reinstated cabinet ministers are in line
Burying bad news
“Another positive certificate for Malta,” ONE News announced after
The great deceiver: why Sant’s toxic ideas are always deadly
Three days ago, failed former prime minister and supreme
Edward’s plagued acquaintances
What is your relationship with Yorgen Fenech? This was
The tapir and the elephant 
As public demands for his resignation mount, Edward Zammit
No justice without accountability
Robert Abela has no intention of taking serious action
Predictive failure
“Hospital numbers confirm that COVID is under control” Robert
The rule of delinquents confirmed
As Robert Abela, prime minister and former adviser to
PM Robert Abela earned hundreds of thousands of euros from property development
Prime Minister Robert Abela and his wife Lydia banked
Bleak house
In April 2020 I had penned a “letter to
Robert Abela’s plan of attack
In Friday’s speech to Labour’s general party conference, Robert
Justice through the looking glass
If you want to understand the government’s intent, you
Delusional vows won’t get us off grey list any faster
PN leader Bernard Grech pledged yesterday he would get
Conclusions of public inquiry into Daphne Caruana Galizia’s death expected this week
The public inquiry into the assassination of journalist Daphne
Fearne’s pig’s ear, running on repeat
There is a level of incompetence that verges on
Bluster out of weakness 
Every time Robert Abela states that he has shown