Truth is the enemy
“The PN turned the European Parliament against Malta with
Labour unseated from important EP role
Malta’s Labour Party suffered a major defeat at the
Sant’s rant is a distraction
Alfred Sant is unhappy that the European Court of
‘EU needs tools to protect journalists under threat by their own government’
The protection of journalists who are under threat, offering
What is Helena Dalli’s track record on gender equality?
Helena Dalli is Malta’s candidate for the European Commission,
Throwing your vote away
The European parliamentary elections are fast approaching. Compared to
Electoral Commission admits misinformation given to European citizens voting in EP elections
European citizens residing in Malta were given incorrect information
Nothing to see here
According to Finance Minister Edward Scicluna, Malta’s financial services
Lurve for country
We have been warned. A pandemic of love of
Disinformation Watch #31: On calls for votes for those who ‘love the country’
For anyone “to come here and give the impression
MEPs back plan to freeze funds for countries who undermine rule of law
The European Parliament has backed the European Commission’s proposal
MEPs urged to use their influence to help the 49 stranded at sea
PN Head of Delegation David Casa has called on
Citizens of a parallel universe 
Living in Malta quite often feels like you’re in
EU lawmakers propose new whistleblower protection law
MEPs have agreed to introduce new legal mechanisms to protect
Henley & Partners denies conflict of interest in Malta’s ‘golden passport’ scheme
Henley & Partners has taken exception to a report
German authorities asked to investigate Siemens’ role in bribery allegations
German authorities have been requested to investigate bribery in
‘Sophia’ now selling Moldova citizenship for Henley & Partners
At the annual Global Residence and Citizenship Conference by
Pilatus might be gone but Malta remains a money-laundering haven
Castille’s favourite bank has been shut down and unsurprisingly
MEPs call for outright ban of neo-Nazi and neo-fascist groups in Europe
MEPs have overwhelmingly voted in favour of banning Neo-Nazi
European court refuses access to MEPs’ expenses
The European Court of Justice confirmed a decision refusing
Labour MEP hopeful wants PN traitors “trashed” in next year’s election
Labour MEP hopeful Josef Caruana hopes that Nationalist MEPs
Disinformation Watch #16: The Rule of Law – a fascist reinterpretation
The rule of law is one of those concepts
NGOS helping migrants should not be punished – European Parliament
Individuals and NGOs offering humanitarian assistance to migrants through
MEP report slams lack of action by police
MEPs investigating the rule of law in Malta were
Disinformation Watch #4: ‘traitors’ and ‘enemies of the state’
In a disinformation strategy as old as populism itself,
Maltese do it better 
MEPs investigating the rule of law in Malta expressed
The slow death of democracy and sovereignty 
The summary of the meeting Henley and Partners had
MEPs join calls for Jason Micallef’s removal
MEPs have called on the European Commission to demand
Casa: Pilatus whistleblower should not be in jail
Whistleblowers who expose criminality suffer the consequences while those