What price tag for political parties to take control of the university student council?
With the university student council (KSU) elections coming up
A chilling effect is sweeping across Europe
The resounding victory at the polls by Hungary’s anti-immigrant
Life in the trenches of political warfare 
The headquarters of the two main political parties sit
Prime Minister, where do you stand?
The government voting against legislation that would prohibit expensive
When doing the wrong thing becomes the basis of future economic growth 
In a 2014 interview with Saviour Balzan, Prime Minister
No, Malta is not a normal country
In case you have not noticed, or you have
Development madness must end before it’s too late
The direct action carried out by Movement Graffitti and
Hellbent against dissent
Psychology suggests that mischievous, stubborn children are more likely
The Church has a right and duty to speak out against injustice
The onslaught of abuse suffered by Archbishop Charles Scicluna
I ask, therefore I am
‘If YOUR baby was going into hospital for an
Freedom of expression and the right to disagree
Cartoon by Steve Bonello  The term “freedom of expression”
Freedom of speech #barra 
Freedom of expression is recognised as a human right
Please sir, can we have some more?
Upon being declared indisputable winner of last year’s general
The system we created
I’m currently reading Roberto Saviano‘s bestseller Gomorra, a book
‘Blockchain Paradise’ or Pirates of the Mediterranean?
The world’s biggest cryptocurrency exchange – Binance –  is
Gaffarena scandal: putting things in perspective
The events that followed the court’s decision on Tuesday
The meaning of Pilatus 
The magnificent mountain which goes by the name of
Cambridge Analytica: subverting democracy, one Facebook profile at a time
Striking a balance between security and privacy has been
Sectarianism only strengthens democracy by the mighty for the mighty
Government’s line of defence, especially when faced by international
Europe: A rotten reality
Following the recent electoral results in Italy and the
Discretion without constraints is unregulated power
We recently learnt that Court sentences can be deleted
On Liberty and State
Independent journalism has become the last firewall against government
The right not to forget
Justice minister Owen Bonnici has shown great concern over
Muscat cannot wash his hands of Pilatus’ mess
Prime Minister Joseph Muscat has tried to shrug off
Desperately seeking silence
Those who love to call assassinated journalist Daphne Caruana
The jingling of the keys
Last week in Prague and other Czech cities the
Democracy is being usurped by its protectors
The primary threat to democracy and its functions in
National health service should not be guided by profit
The Vitals saga poses serious consequences on our healthcare
Brave New Malta: what happens if population rises to 600,000?
The president of the Malta Employers Association (MEA) has
A tale of two murders 
Two investigative journalists are murdered in two European countries.

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