Zoomafia: The illegal smuggling of birds from Italy to Malta
Police investigations in southern Italy have exposed a smuggling
Mafia behind Italy’s anti-immigrant rant
Lega Nord’s increase in popularity in Italy’s southern region
‘No political will to protect journalists’
There is no political will to protect journalists, said
To tell you the truth: populism’s increasing pressure on journalists
In line with populists across Europe, Italy’s interior minister
The future of Europe
The European Commission has presented the draft European Budget
Press freedom: ‘Expecting the truth is the only duty we have’
Italian investigative journalist Paolo Borrometi, the recipient of journalism
State run by crooks for benefit of crooks
Malta’s geographical location means it has always played an
Oh My Treasure Island
The report published by two Italian organisations which study
Malta: the mafia’s paradise island 
‘Operation Beta’ by the Italian Carabinieri in 2017 led
Thousands of Slovaks call for new elections as media freedom is under threat
Saturday 5 May, was supposed to be a special
Żażu’s challange stretches beyond the football pitch
The appointment of Ray ‘Żażu’ Farrugia as coach of
For someone who grew up in the 80s, the
War of cultures
Malta is divided. On one side, civil society demanding
‘We don’t want our country ruled by crooks’ – Prague protests
Thousands of people again participated in protests on Monday
I ask, therefore I am
‘If YOUR baby was going into hospital for an
The system we created
I’m currently reading Roberto Saviano‘s bestseller Gomorra, a book
Europe: A rotten reality
Following the recent electoral results in Italy and the
Students lead silent marches in Bratislava, call for new elections 
Former Slovak Prime Minister might have resigned but this
The jingling of the keys
Last week in Prague and other Czech cities the
Slovakia tries to tackle its demons while Malta stalls
Journalists across Europe are questioning relations between shady business
The rise of the far-right in Europe
In my life I’ve seen Europe go through massive
The new shock doctrine
Questions must be asked at a European level, answers
Three Billboards Outside Castille, Valletta
Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. A captivating film, that breaks out

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