‘Recognise the important role civil society plays in shaping democracy’ – UN report
Rising populism, the stigmatization of civil society and restrictions
Malta in a nutshell: Isolation and its heroes
The easiest way to build a hero is to
Burying the inconvenient truth
Magistrate Anthony Vella, in charge of the inquiry into
State-owned media: Abandoning the path of the EU
The problem of State ownership of public broadcasters in
Media not for the many, but for the powerful
An investigation by The Shift News revealed the bias
Democracy in chains: eliminating the need for journalists
As pro-Labour Facebook groups peddling hate and inciting violence
Rethinking tourism
Tourist numbers continue to grow as do calls for
Hatred parading as free expression
With revelations into the reality of many Labour support
Methodology of undermining the Fourth Estate 
As long as the Fourth Estate is seen as

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