Brussels set to intervene on Malta after European Parliament’s resolution
The massive tally of votes garnered by the European
Prime Minister still pulling all the strings of power
The Council of Europe’s Venice Commission – officially known
Will the public mood bring down Labour?
The Prime Minister’s haggard demeanour on Friday at 3am,
A partial review is worse than none at all
The investigation by Public Standards Commissioner George Hyzler into
Can independent media survive where the rule of law is under threat?
A free and impartial media is the fourth pillar
Defenders, deniers, traitors, avoiders: MEP candidates on press freedom
MEP candidates agree that press freedom and the rule
Joseph Muscat’s ‘top priority’: The empty promise of social housing since 2013
Prime Minister Joseph Muscat declared on Sunday that there
Impunity is the name of the game
The closing remarks of the Council of Europe’s Special
Malta and the laundering of Azeri money
Forbes, one of the world’s leading business magazines, has
Digging Malta (and Gozo) into a hole
The government is bulldozing ahead (metaphorically at least) with
2018: The year of the angry citizen 
The year which has now come to an end
The Planning Authority’s top 5 profanities of 2018
This was again a good year for developers and
We don’t need no due diligence 
The Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) chief Joseph Cuschieri
When crime pays
Justice Minister Owen Bonnici put to lie Finance Minister
Political ownership of the media must end
The problem with addressing risk factors in the media
No, Prime Minister – the law dictates otherwise
Prime Minister Joseph Muscat has declared that he will
Manoel Island: another monster in the making?
The rough leaf-shape of Manoel Island could soon be
New beginnings, same old outcomes
PN leader Adrian Delia’s promised ‘New Way’ has seen
On a ‘Belt and Road’ to where?
Malta is among the first European countries to sign
Another little step to stifle press freedom
Xarabank is not the most defensible programme out there.
The political centre is moving to the right 
On Sunday, Adrian Delia regaled us one of his
Liberal democracy should trump populism
The Greek root of ‘democracy’ is ‘dēmokratía’, whose literal
Of witches, misogyny and lessons from history
Of all the insults Daphne Caruana Galizia had to
If it’s broken don’t fix it 
The Attorney General Peter Grech on Wednesday accused the
No political will for public inquiry into journalist’s assassination
The most significant aspect of the government’s reply to
Back to Basics: What is the ‘rule of law’?
Perhaps the easiest way to explain the Rule of
A class of their own
One of my favourite films of all time is
How Joseph Muscat trumps the rule of law in Malta
In the US, the rule of law prevails. In
Labour is the eternal underdog, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat
Making up our mind
“History is written by the victors” is an old

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