Killing a journalist a second time
It’s 10 months down the line, and the only
This is not about bullying
The events of the past three weeks have been
A one-party state in the making 
March 2008. In what turned out to be a
Hurling down the accuser 
‘Vindicate’ and ‘vindictive’ are two words commonly confused. Although
Why do the Maltese vote for corrupt politicians?
The Lovin Malta poll published this week provides striking
6 things to keep in mind about the Egrant inquiry
Despite the Attorney General’s apparent objections, Prime Minister Joseph
Make tourism great again
Chopping down trees, pouring concrete straight into the sea,
Reclaiming our democracy
“The era of liberal democracy is over,” Hungary’s Prime
Racism, a symptom of something worse
In 1995, Umberto Eco gave a lecture outlining Ur-Fascism,
‘Recognise the important role civil society plays in shaping democracy’ – UN report
Rising populism, the stigmatization of civil society and restrictions
Your guide to dismantling a democracy
It is becoming increasingly evident for those of us
Malta and Azerbaijan: A sordid love affair
Just when everyone thought that the Panama Papers were
To tell you the truth: populism’s increasing pressure on journalists
In line with populists across Europe, Italy’s interior minister
The future of Europe
The European Commission has presented the draft European Budget
The two Trumps of the Mediterranean
On the eve of a meeting between EU leaders
In real terms: political parties in a trap
Finch trapping in Malta has been outlawed by the
Clap Trap: Malta’s defence of finch trapping
‘Absurd and nonsensical talk or ideas’ – the definition
When the positive turns negative: The PN’s mission to please Labour
The Nationalist Party’s new leadership is silent on Malta’s
Singapore in the Mediterranean: it may be closer than you think
Muscat’s metropolitan dream frequently emerges in statements expressing his
Thank you for hating
How often have you, as a Facebook user logged
Malta in a nutshell: Isolation and its heroes
The easiest way to build a hero is to
The secretive world of Cambridge Analytica (and Labour) 
The connections between Joseph Muscat’s Labour Party, Cambridge Analytica
Is the Nationalist Party enabling Labour’s corruption?
Foreign Affairs Minister Carmelo Abela instructed public employees to
No Eddie, No Joseph
If an election were to be held tomorrow, Joseph
EXPLAINER: Why calls for ‘proof’ of money laundering are ridiculous
Money laundering (ML) is one of the most serious
Maltese do it better 
MEPs investigating the rule of law in Malta expressed
Without media literacy, politicians could dictate veracity
Free access to information is considered to be the
State-owned media: Abandoning the path of the EU
The problem of State ownership of public broadcasters in
Why media literacy is needed
If information is carefully processed by media agencies, with
Media not for the many, but for the powerful
An investigation by The Shift News revealed the bias

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