NGOs call for revision of Msida Creek project

A coalition of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in Malta is urging the government to reconsider its plans for the Msida Creek project following a new proposal presented by Kamra tal-Periti (KTP) this week.

The KTP’s proposal, which suggests a nature-based solution featuring human-centric streets and a wooded green area, has garnered widespread public and civil society support.

The NGOs – Friends of the Earth Malta, Rota, and Moviment Graffitti – argue that it’s not too late to revise the current plans, despite Infrastructure Malta (IM) CEO Ivan Falzon’s claims to the contrary. These groups have offered alternative solutions to Infrastructure Malta’s car-centric approach for the past three years.

The current Msida Creek project, approved by the Planning Authority in October 2023, has been criticised for its focus on mega flyovers. The NGOs claim these will fragment the Msida community and prioritise vehicular traffic.

They argue that this approach contradicted global trends, where cities are instead dismantling flyovers in favour of more sustainable solutions.

Critics of the project point out that it lacks basic connectivity for alternative transport users, including pedestrians, cyclists and bus users. They also note that it contradicts the government’s €35 million commitment to creating a bicycle-commute network in central Malta.

Transport Minister Chris Bonett has offered to meet with KTP to discuss their proposal. The NGOs view this as an opportunity for the government to reconsider and align the project with sustainable transport principles.

The civil society groups emphasise that their feedback and alternative solutions have been largely ignored throughout the consultation process. They call on politicians to listen to the people, integrate feedback, and make necessary adjustments to the project.

As the debate continues, the NGOs remain open to further dialogue. They are urging the government to seize this opportunity to create a project that better serves the community and the environment in the long term.


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