Police investigation into MCAST ‘jobs for votes’ scandal still ongoing
The police have still not concluded criminal investigations into
19 government MPs stonewall questions from Opposition MPs since re-opening of parliament
A total of 19 government MPs failed to answer
The dishonesty of double standards
Equality Minister Owen Bonnici, who has been condemned by
Disinformation Watch: Fretting about the FATF
That the government was about to embark on a
You’re bankrolling personal fiefdoms
Robert Abela has problems on his hands, and they’re
Truth is the enemy
“The PN turned the European Parliament against Malta with
Skeletons dancing in the closet
Evarist Bartolo’s cringe-making Tim Sebastian interview was making the
Malta risks losing €5 million EU funds for ‘unbuilt’ migrant centre, PM to detain migrants offshore
The government’s delay in building a €7 million migrant
Edward Scicluna speaks of struggle with Projects Malta for information on VGH
Finance Minister Edward Scicluna on Wednesday spoke of his
EU alert system flags over 90 health risk alerts for face masks from China
More than 90 alerts linked to particle filter facemask
Anatomy of collusion
Evarist Bartolo, the foreign minister, has drawn stiff criticism
An epidemic of collective amnesia
Malta is suffering from an epidemic of collective amnesia.
Neville Gafa’ calls out Foreign Minister’s post on Libya
A post by Foreign Affairs Minister Evarist Bartolo thanking
Labour’s moral compass
At 5am this morning, Evarist Bartolo uploaded another post
Action demanded on corrupt Montenegro deal
The Daphne Caruana Galizia Foundation has reiterated its call
Flights from Russia, Libya, US flew to Malta for pact on Libya – report
Delegates from Russia, Libya, the United States, Turkey and
The migration issue: the complexities left out of Bartolo’s pie charts
Days after the closure of Malta’s ports resulted in
Hostage drama on the high seas
Malta is holding 57 people hostage on the high
A hierarchy of rights 
In many places across the world, we are witnessing
The snake in the grass
The “wave of racism” spreading across the country does
Injections of disinfectant can cushion your brain
The supposed Leader of the Free World tried his
‘A terrible day for Malta, human rights and our nation’s legacy’ – NGOs
Updated with civil society group Repubblika’s announcement on court
Commission cannot comment on Malta’s decision to close ports
The European Commission has stated it cannot comment on
Made in China? Perhaps not…
Just as countries around the world are rejecting and
Online harassment suffered by murdered journalist in focus
The creator of the World Wide Web, Tim Berners-Lee,
No one believes Malta anymore
You know this isn’t working anymore, don’t you? No
‘Some are more equal than others’
Four years ago, Evarist Bartolo, then Education Minister, compared
A collapsing microstate
Watching Malta’s foreign minister squirm uncomfortably in reaction to
‘Who is protecting the murderers?’
After almost seven years of the Labour Party in

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