Concerns raised as Labour Party starts using state schools for partisan activities
The Labour Party in government has started using state
Better transparency and accountability in political advertising in new EU rules
New advertising rules adopted by the European Parliament on
A window of opportunity – Noel Grima
These past weeks and months we have been seeing
It’s not about the gap
The latest election surveys have been eclipsed by Mark
No elections, no film awards
Film Commissioner Johann Grech refuses to reply to questions
Miriam Dalli’s electoral gimmick has cost taxpayers €152,000 so far
Energy Minister Miriam Dalli has spent €152,000 of taxpayers’
Malta: a pseudo-democracy
Britain’s chaotic exit from the EU. Putin’s war in
Electoral Commission lacks political will, resources to regulate campaign financing – OSCE
Malta’s Electoral Commission cannot act as an effective regulator
ONE TV news editor Edward Montebello moonlights as public tourism agency head
Edward Montebello, news editor of Labour’s TV station, has
Traditional parties in difficulty as Labour endorsed by less than half voting population
While Labour celebrates its third consecutive victory at the
Not-so-silent day: social media, Google ads flooded with propaganda on ‘day of reflection’
Labour Leader and Prime Minister Robert Abela is at
The pact of oblivion
Tista’ taqrah bil-Malti. “Let’s not disturb graves and hurl
Labour can’t deliver a clean-up or stability
Repeat after me Labour’s electoral message: Malta needs Labour
Abela pushing direct orders ‘supremo’ as candidate on Fearne’s district, despite scandal
Labour leader Robert Abela is actively pushing for the
Elections in times of war: who will love our children?
In a video doing the rounds of the net,
Stakeholders put forward their election demands
As the 2022 general elections campaign is in full
Independent newspapers open floodgates to payments from political parties
Malta’s two most popular independent newspapers have opened up
Abela borrowing €3.7 million per day
Prime Minister Robert Abela has increased Malta’s debt by
Zonqor AUM swap is ploy to save failed project
Prime Minister Robert Abela’s announcement that the government will
Elections in Wonderland
We seem to have slipped through the looking glass
The devil’s tricks
The storm of scandals that has hit the Labour
Absolution by the masses
I find myself regularly returning to the subject of
Jittery moves and election chatter
Rumours of a late November general election have exploded
The vision fling
Some politicians have a thing about vision: they can’t
Malta: a flawed democracy
The Economist Intelligence Unit relegated Malta to “a flawed
From cranes to craniums
Our minister of finance, Clyde Caruana, is back with
The democracy of pigeons
Tell me that an election is coming without telling
Voters held to ransom
As speculation about a possible November election intensifies, the
The great deceiver: why Sant’s toxic ideas are always deadly
Three days ago, failed former prime minister and supreme

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