€6 million in direct orders from the Prime Minister’s Office in 3 years
The Office of the Prime Minister dished out close
The general election we deserve
Imagine this. A general election is called tomorrow for
‘Our democracy will be lost if we are indifferent’ – Věra Jourová
The lack of transparency in political advertising and the
It’s my turn to eat
If you watched it, you’ll remember how you felt
If Adrian Delia is the answer, what is the question?
Adrian Delia obtained 67% of the confidence vote held
Businessman suing UK journalist linked to firms threatening press in Malta
Arron Banks, the controversial British businessman with links to
Changes at the top
Adrian Delia is quite right to say that the
Yes, of course Adrian Delia must go
Before the European Parliament elections, Joseph Muscat said: ‘after
Democracy is not mob rule
What would you do if your electrician said it’s
The criminal underbelly
This is a guest post by Antoine P. Borg
MEP elections: 10 proposals for press freedom
A European Commissioner responsible for media freedom, independence and
European journalists demand MEP candidates commit to media freedom
The European Federation of Journalists has launched its manifesto
Electoral Commission admits misinformation given to European citizens voting in EP elections
European citizens residing in Malta were given incorrect information
The rise of the brazen lie
At some point over the last three years, a
Links between Cambridge Analytica, Henley & Partners and Labour Party noted by UK Parliamentary Committee
The UK Parliamentary Committee for Digital, Culture, Media and
Disinformation Watch #31: On calls for votes for those who ‘love the country’
For anyone “to come here and give the impression
The other party crisis
The meaning of every crisis borrows from others looming
Ramona Frendo, is it really what you know or who you know?
The choice of the Labour Party’s political candidate Ramona
Disinformation Watch #13: Astroturfing – manufacturing political support
Claims that a pro-government network of online trolls manufacture
Mafia behind Italy’s anti-immigrant rant
Lega Nord’s increase in popularity in Italy’s southern region
Whistleblower says Henley & Partners ‘often inside’ Cambridge Analytica – MEP
A former Cambridge Analytica employee turned whistleblower has said
Head of Cambridge Analytica accused of taking $8m before bankruptcy
The former chief executive of the scandal-hit Cambridge Analytica

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