European Parliament insists on reforms following Qatar scandal
MEPs overwhelmingly voted in favour of a resolution for
Joseph Muscat must be held accountable
“The central cause was one man… who many others
How Abela killed the commissioner
Prime Minister Robert Abela requested personal information about the
Why Abela’s done nothing
Why has Robert Abela completely ignored all the recommendations
State of the nation – Andre Delicata
It’s no figure of speech to say that the
Parliamentary committees only work as intended if MPs don’t seek to ‘delay’ or ‘obstruct’ – Gonzi
When asked to assess the importance of parliamentary committees
The happy fibber – Kevin Cassar
“I am very happy,” Edward Zammit Lewis declared. Had
Evarist Bartolo blames you
The nerve of some politicians. In Evarist Bartolo’s recent
Good governance is not the order of the day
It is unclear why anyone would think it was
Finance Minister warns businesses about tax dues, while political parties allowed to defy rules
Not a single company owned by the political parties
You have a right to look under their carpets
Economy Minister Silvio Schembri can’t seem to keep track
Miriam Dalli refuses to give parliament information on public cash grants to developers
Energy Minister Miriam Dalli has again refused to reveal
Smug brush offs won’t save you, Robert
Robert Abela, astonishingly serving as prime minister of Malta,
Unfit for office, and oblivious
He was screwing his face up, scowling and frowning,
Bluster out of weakness 
Every time Robert Abela states that he has shown
Political responsibility is the new serenity
‘Political responsibility’ is the latest buzzword to capture the
It was 635 for, 46 against and 12 abstentions.
Malta’s gullible rabble
“Truly, whoever can make you believe absurdities can make
Disinformation Watch: unity without accountability
On 6 February, President George Vella announced a one-day
Daphne Caruana Galizia inquiry: where to from here?
The details revealed by the public inquiry into Maltese
Stock replies bingo 
When former prime minister Joseph Muscat was asked to
Labour’s Church of Victimology
“Don’t blame the victim”. Finance Minister Edward Scicluna’s comments
Politicians hold ‘disproportionate authority’ over public professionals
A public policy professor has warned of the disproportionate authority
US Embassy presents award to Caroline Muscat on World Press Freedom Day
The US Embassy paid tribute to murdered journalist Daphne
Labour’s playbook catches coronavirus
When they tell you it’s not about the money,
S&P warns of dark clouds ahead, government blames Covid-19
Ratings agency Standard and Poor’s (S&P) on 13 March
Lessons from Babylon
Here’s a lesson from 2,800 years ago for anyone
The general election we deserve
Imagine this. A general election is called tomorrow for
Egrant: ‘The most expensive cover up in Malta’s political history’
You won a difficult battle in court and gave
‘This is not on’, said the Dodger to the fly
Dodging journalists. Avoiding interviews. Running away from tough questions.

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