Labour’s pandering to hunters and trappers may backfire
Saturday’s protest in front of the Prime Minister’s office
The legacy of a few men
The world is aware that Malta, under the premiership
Former European Court Judge Giovanni Bonello slams the Attorney General’s track record
Former judge at the European Court of Human Rights
Laundering loyalties
What a twosome they made. Love them or hate
Venice Commission ‘disappointed’ as it unpicks ‘rushed’ rule of law reform
The Venice Commission said in its latest Opinion last
Joseph Muscat’s diminishing influence as economy dips and priorities change
Former Prime Minister Joseph Muscat’s unceremonious exit from politics
Complex court battle looms as probe into Keith Schembri is in final stretch
The trickle of information over the past week on
Death of a nation
On 16 April 2019, my 89-year-old father passed away.
Frenzied attempts to gain access to evidence on Keith Schembri is telling
Although Keith Schembri is unlikely to be arraigned in
Double injustice for family of victim mowed down by driver who fled
The suspended sentence handed to 28-year-old Mel Spiteri after
The police rot from the head down
Law enforcement in Malta is unable to prosecute corruption
New Attorney General inspires little confidence in legal circles
The nomination of Victoria Buttigieg for the post of
Focus on Joseph Muscat in journalist’s assassination
Did the prime minister of Malta know who killed
Victim or villain?
The efficient labour media, and that includes PBS, have
Broadcasting Authority ruling makes perverse situation worse
A ruling by the Broadcasting Authority (BA) this week
Troubling silence surrounding long term impact of COVID-19 on survivors
There is a deafening silence surrounding COVID-19. It may
Two little words
It is the small things in life that can
Melvin Theuma and the State
It is natural to entertain the worst suspicions when
The justice system is on trial, and getting a ‘Fail’
The courtroom drama in the compilation of evidence in
Let them eat baked beans
The last few months have been tough and the
Show us a better way
“Now, class. Sit up straight, pay attention. Today is
Don’t you dare call us fatties
Anyone who has followed the career of Boris Johnson
Dear Joe, we’ve seen this before
“The whole bunch of them should resign en masse.
Michelle…Queen of Floaters
Michelle Muscat has started her training regime for this
The truth and other lies
The truth will out, Keith Schembri promised his adoring
A call for wider, deeper reforms in Venice Commission’s guarded opinion
In an 18-page report filled with caveats, subtleties and
Turning a blind eye
Tuesday 14 September 1993. This is the moment I
‘It’s complicated’: Over two years’ delay for a simple change in law
For a government that prides itself on its progressiveness
A gift from the Queen
Friday is my favourite day of the week because
Joseph Dirige Nos
White smoke is billowing out from the police headquarters