When conspiracy theories boom(erang)
Uncertainty is almost always unsettling and trying to keep
Plus ça change…
Robert Abela has been Prime Minister for two months,
Robert Abela has no business being ‘angry and hurt’
Prime Minister Robert Abela felt “angry and hurt” by
New domestic violence commissioner walks into complex realities
The newly-appointed Commissioner for Gender-Based and Domestic Violence, Audrey
When the masks fall
“Virtue has a veil, vice a mask” – Victor
The truth about Truth
On the first morning of his presidency, Donald Trump
A complex landscape for new political forces to navigate
As the PN settles into a stasis – another
If this is ‘normality’…
Malta is back to normality. Not. A few days
Our second-hand-for-new salesman
Joseph Muscat used to take pride in being dubbed
The weaponisation of information
Glenn Bedingfield’s testimony before the public inquiry Board today
Redefining ‘normality’
Within a few weeks of his election, Prime Minister
Harsh libel judgments are a disservice to journalism in Malta
The high financial damages inflicted on The Sunday Times
Reassigning hunting responsibilities an electoral boon to Gozo Minister
Although the idea of appointing a minister to be
How Malta became a den of thieves
The revelations emerging from the public inquiry into Daphne
Will Malta’s parliamentarians begin to serve their role in a democracy?
It’s not clear whether the recent order instigated by
Will the new police chief be another puppet?  
Prime Minister Robert Abela’s new system for the appointment
The tide is turning, but no time to rest
Joseph Muscat was forced to resign in disgrace, after
‘Push back against those who abuse the law to silence the media’ – Index on Censorship
In March last year, hundreds of journalists took the
Will Labour’s dark horse flop or run?
On having to carry out tricky reforms or steady
What’s up double doc?
If I could, I’d remove both Robert Abela and
Should I stay or should I go?
The reverence with which both contenders have conducted themselves,
The New Republic
Guest commentary by Mark Scerri The last two months
Labour Party leader candidates need to take the right bold decisions
An open letter to Labour Party candidates Chris Fearne
A sea of red
A sea of red. People all dressed to kill.
Manipulation of the Egrant inquiry
Now we know why Joseph Muscat held back publication
Brussels set to intervene on Malta after European Parliament’s resolution
The massive tally of votes garnered by the European
Joseph’s world tour of Malta
‘The lights finally dim, the applause reaches a crescendo
No reconciliation without truth
President George Vella’s Republic Day speech has made the
Prime Minister still pulling all the strings of power
The Council of Europe’s Venice Commission – officially known
Where injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty
Guest commentary by environmental activist Sasha Vella. Malta is