The Greatest of All Time
It is silly season in the football world so
The secrecy and the formula
Call it extra-sensory empathy or (if you really must)
Dark clouds on the horizon
Robert Abela has chosen his hill to die on.
Pembroke sacrificed to the rule of degenerates
The Planning Authority’s decision to allow Silvio Debono’s DB
Tarnished gold
Finally, after far too many long years, the European
Uncivil defender of the nation
Alex Agius Saliba’s face, contorted with hostility and wounded
Playing into the hands of the underworld
Rosianne Cutajar, Ms Dimplechin, aka Nuxellina, she of Catania
Critical thinking for critical times
Eighty-seven per cent of voters said they have always
A paradoxical state of the nation
There is a paradox about the conclusion of Friday’s
U ejja, come on! We’re no longer hamalli
Central Bank Governor and former Finance Minister Edward “U
If you can, you must
Doctors are trained to heal.  They have the capability
The stench of rotten apples
Updated following clarifications received from Michael and Edward Zammit
Situations vacant
A headline in a Luxembourg newspaper this week announced
Our planners’ outdated idea of modernity
Martin Saliba, the Planning Authority’s executive chairman, has attracted
Minister of Concrete on the Isle of Cement
“The tree which moves some to tears of joy
It’s time to interrogate Paul Apap Bologna
Paul Apap Bologna has a secret offshore company called
Misfortunes of virtue
The Marquis de Sade’s Justine, a virtuous maiden forced
Architects of chaos: A Greek tragedy for Malta
Behind every play, there’s a cast of actors, producers
Curiouser and curiouser
After eating magic cake, Alice’s neck shot up like
Right of Reply: Allied Newspapers ‘defends its reputation’
Allied Newspapers has sent us the following Right of
For the people or against?
“One is either for the people or against” Joseph
Red herrings and smokescreens
A couple of days ago, after the news broke
The tyranny of hypocrisy 
What a nest of venomous vipers Malta is. So
Speaker shoots down Bedingfield’s ‘breach of privilege’ against The Shift
Glenn Bedingfield, doing the cute pooch to His Master’s
Here we go again
The time for platitudes is over. As yet another
Truth is the enemy
“The PN turned the European Parliament against Malta with
Reporters Without Borders files lawsuit accusing Facebook of ‘deceptive commercial practices’
Reporters Without Borders (RSF) has taken legal action against
New Lands Authority Chair to face parliament after ministerial blunder
Veteran lawyer John Vassallo who was appointed Chair of
New familiar patterns
The timing of the Conference for National Unity, held
Patriotism and character
The other day, as I was listening to the