Opinion: Labour’s escape route for criminals
Just before Christmas, the government rushed through parliament a
Opinion: desperately needing protection
Last October, The Times of Malta reported that a
Opinion: We need to talk about Roberta Whatshername
In case you have not noticed, there is an
Opinion: Labour and mob rule
Author and Nobel Prize winner John Steinbeck is best
Analysis: Why withholding information erodes trust in law enforcement
On 1 March, the European Public Prosecutor’s Office (EPPO)
Opinion: Taxpayer funding of the Labour Party’s campaigns
In July 2023, Nationalist Party MP Julie Zahra asked
Opinion: Contingency Plans
On Tuesday, there was a brief worldwide outage of
Opinion: The depravity of despots
“Hundreds of flowers and candles laid to honour the
Opinion: Leave her in peace
Should a three-year-old girl severely traumatised by war be
Opinion: Abela’s panic
When is “one property touching the other” just one
Opinion: True populism
“The PN is a populist party focused only on
Opinion: Abela turns toxic
“The opposition… pointed a pistol towards Judge Grixti’s head,
PM congratulates ‘authoritarian’ Bangladeshi leader after violent, undemocratic election
Prime Minister Robert Abela has offered congratulations following the
UN makes last ditch plea on Assange extradition, European Parliament opens exhibition
As the High Court decision on the fate of
Opinion: The end of the road
“We will issue all the numbers after the film
Opinion: Abela suppresses the truth
“Everyone knows we are honest with the people, and
Opinion: Don’t take Abela’s health advice
Robert Abela bragged that the prices of 15 food
Opinion: Word power
Words are powerful, there is no doubt about that,
Opinion: Punishing the truth, rewarding lies
What do you call a man found guilty by
Opinion: Removing all doubt
Alex Agius Saliba keeps putting his foot in it
Opinion: Rehab for political junkies
Justyne Caruana is the latest name to be enrolled
Opinion: The ingenious Anglu Farrugia
Aqra traduzzjoni ta’ din l-opinjoni bil-Malti. Independent politician Arnold
Opinion: The worries about the new Association of Media Owners
A new lobby group – Association of Media Owners
Opinion: Robert’s friend the disgraced ex-PM
Speaking at a Labour Party (PL) political activity on
Opinion: Orange Jesus
“The things we do for Orange Jesus”, Republican Congressman
Opinion: Keith Schembri is still at it
Aqra din l-opinjoni bil-Malti. On 12 December 2021, Sam
Opinion: With great resolve
We begin 2024 very much where we left the
Opinion: Aiding and abetting abuse
Aqra dan l-artiklu bil-Malti John Borg is the Gozo
Villains, heroes, liars and fails
At The Shift, I often find myself reading the
Opinion: Labour’s aura of secrecy
Aqra din l-opinjoni bil-Malti. “Falsehood flies, and truth comes

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