Never trust a turncoat
The extraordinary news that Labour MP and PN flip-flopper
The point of perspective
At the start of the 15th century Filippo Brunelleschi
From cranes to craniums
Our minister of finance, Clyde Caruana, is back with
Twisted perspectives
Uniformity of thought and behaviour is a dangerous thing,
Public funds for private hobbies
The government has opened the coffers of the National
Putting things in perspective
I woke up to a stream of emails this
Farewell to Comino
Malta’s last precious outpost of sanity has fallen to
Zammit Lewis’ certificate
Edward Zammit Lewis was feeling the heat.  Visibly angry
Portelli and the politicians
Joseph Portelli, the Gozitan building contractor who appeared out
Government spent at least €89.2 million on questionable direct orders since July 2020
Just five of The Shift’s multiple investigations into government-issued
The enemy is the state 
The State is under siege. Its enemies are everywhere.
With passport sales, we undermine our sovereignty
Many readers of The Shift will already be sympathetic
The Schembri clan: proving the proverb
Josette Schembri Vella, wife of alleged fraudster and money
Still sinking with no end in sight
Finance Ministry permanent secretary Alfred Camilleri claimed Malta would
Forty-seven months
It’s been almost four years since the brutal assassination
A country built on dirty money
For almost 20 years, Malta has built much of
Joseph Muscat: Hero of two worlds
He was one of those rare people who, despite
Smug brush offs won’t save you, Robert
Robert Abela, astonishingly serving as prime minister of Malta,
Framing the electoral choice
They slipped under the radar, Malta’s most significant responses
Unfit for office, and oblivious
He was screwing his face up, scowling and frowning,
A frenzy of coincidental spending
Tourism Minister Clayton Bartolo dished out funds to three
Lethal disinformation
For disinformation to be effective, it needs to have
Voters held to ransom
As speculation about a possible November election intensifies, the
Massaging morale
“The success of Team Malta is the Labour Party’s
Extraordinary claims
Research, a word we hear so often these days.
Dalli’s turn in the dock
Shamed and humiliated former EU commissioner John Dalli is
The unexpected return of the NIMBY voter
Beyond the world of polls and surveys where Labour
What next, SLAPPing MPs?
Let’s start from the first principles: the SLAPP suit
The controlled explosion
Nothing shows how much has changed in the relationship
No free passes, George Vella
We’ve been treated often enough to the sight of