Fearne’s pig’s ear, running on repeat
There is a level of incompetence that verges on
Valley roads
“They had come to the desolation that lay before
Bluster out of weakness 
Every time Robert Abela states that he has shown
Standing up for human rights, only when it suits us
China’s brutal dictatorship is without doubt one of the
Prison shouldn’t be a death sentence
A young woman died on 4 July. A 29-year
COVID-19 infections creep up as Malta opens its borders to tourists
As the summer tourism season opens and Malta’s economy
The ruin of dishonesty
“We didn’t deserve it”. “Only three countries wanted us
How positivity ebbs
The ever positive former prime minister Joseph Muscat is
The Malta horror show, starring Nuxellina and friends
Standards Commissioner George Hyzler’s shocking report into MP Rosianne
Labour weakened our clout
Have you heard of the man who looked forward
Justice is not revenge
The horror of Miriam Pace’s killing at the hands
The art of laundering… art
The 13 paintings by Old Masters of the Italian
I was hungry, what did you do?
Many Maltese people these days would have to answer
 The pontificating poser
“This poser was behind the greatest lie of the
As the penny drops
Those of us watching in disbelief as Labour supporters
Cassandra’s Curse
Project Cassandra is a project by a small group
The watchdogs that didn’t bark
If the FATF had any doubts about the need
Yet another perambulating farce
Assassinated journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia’s description of Manuel Mallia
Horror on a loop
As the islands face yet another monumental crisis, Maltese
Malta chose this path in 2017
We knew the writing was on the wall when
The worst has happened
Eight years of government-sanctioned and protected rampant corruption, criminality,
Abusing the bereaved
Glenn Bedingfield, in his latest parliamentary streak of callousness,
The lonely pariah
There are moments still, that one has to shake
50 shades of greylisting
As the FATF D-Day approaches, the political exchanges on
Glenn Bedingfield eyes the truth
On 16 June, Glenn Bedingfield gave a speech in
Bitter medicine
Clyde Caruana, Malta’s finance minister, has scuttled off to
There’s no handshake like a golden handshake
Disgraced former prime minister Joseph Muscat is the gift
The sixteenth of every month
Wednesday marked 44 months since Daphne Caruana Galizia was
Jason Micallef’s foreign interference
President George Vella called for an end to politically
Robert Abela’s fantasies
With a straight face Robert Abela announced Malta will