Evarist Bartolo blames you
The nerve of some politicians. In Evarist Bartolo’s recent
The speaker who can’t speak – in more ways than one
The inarticulate thug occupying the post of Speaker of
Scrutiny and standards go hand in hand
Criticism is for has-beens, accountability is for fools, and
War and conflict: lessons in democracy
Anġlu Farrugia cut a sorry figure in parliament on
Only allegations, just speculation
Ian Borg misled parliament.  On 8 November,  Borg told
Parliament of howls
It’s a funny old world. There are crowned midgets
From warriors to wimps?
The Nationalist Party was founded in 1880 by Fortunato
BOV’s Deiulemar Trust fiasco
Guest commentary from financial services practitioner Paul Bonello Now
The honeymoon is over
The honeymoon is over and the piper wants to
The rules of the game
There was nothing illegal about it. At least not
News that’s fit to print
Op-ed by Annie Game, Executive Director of IFEX, a
Il-perċimes tal-propaganda – Kevin Cassar
Read this article in English here. Ġurnalist tal-Malta Today
Propagandist in chief
Tista’ taqra dan l-artiklu bil-Malti hawn. A video of
A short history of incredibly bold and brave decisions
At the opening of Labour’s general conference on Friday,
The grey list is getting greyer
Malta is a world leader in setting standards for
Getting it right
The Curia has taken exception to our report on
Back in business
They’re back in business. It took only a few
Institutionalised hypocrisy
For the past four weeks, we’ve had to sit
The massacre
In the south of Malta, a few hours after
Robert Abela’s unexplained luck
Some people have all the luck. With some, it’s
It’s not me, it’s them
I can’t remember when I realised there was a
Labour knows
The Nationalist Party got thoroughly trashed in the last
Anglu Farrugia’s reward
“Speaker Anglu Farrugia carried out important work in the
Evarist Bartolo, Zen Warrior
It is two years almost to the month that
My first Good Friday in Malta
I’ll never forget my first Easter in Malta because
Parlement of Foules
Readers unacquainted with Chaucer’s Old English might misinterpret the
Perverted representation
In 1716, the UK Parliament voted to extend its
Taking us for fools
The past few days have succeeded in destroying what
Why PN lost
Now we know. Labour’s Desmond Zammit Marmara has all
Credentialled, curated, connected – Labour’s new MPs
Meet Omar Farrugia, 27, one of Labour’s crop of

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