The institutions are working… to protect those close to Robert Abela
The institutions are still working – but only for
Robert Abela’s prolonged shrug
Prime Minister Robert Abela gave his first one-on-one video
Owen Bonnici, just go
Owen Bonnici is an embarrassment to his party, his
Desperately defending Pilatus
“It’s not that we want to hide the truth”,
Owen Bonnici’s 150%
While the saga of the Malta Philharmonic orchestra played
The price of Labour’s myths
The Bank of England has just announced that Britain
Orchestral tragedies     
“The orchestra has terminated the cooperation with its chief
Consulting payments are a red flag
“What Michael Stivala and Joseph Muscat do in their
Our heritage
One of the side-effects of World War II on
A propagandist, not a pollster
On 30 October 2022, Vincent Marmara uploaded a post
What assets is Robert Abela hiding?
Prime minister Robert Abela has finally submitted the declarations
Subsidising energy while Electrogas scores
As the European Union sprints into recession, the finance
The disgraceful Broadcasting Authority
Iosif Galea was extradited to Germany by Italian authorities.
Budget matters
Take a red suitcase. A flashy red briefcase. One
Joseph Muscat must be held accountable
“The central cause was one man… who many others
Melvin Theuma’s refusal to testify
Melvin Theuma has refused to testify against the men
Magistrate Nadine Lia – time to go
Magistrate Lia has no decent option left but to
Monsters and heroes
There are no heroes. In life, the monsters win.
Addressing the economy – Noel Grima
In the coming days, we will hear a lot
Life after Labour – Kevin Cassar
“Grech obtains the worst results,” was Labour TV ONE’s
Five years of stalling and avoiding
Representatives of the world’s leading press freedom groups are
Abela is part of it
“How do you react to what we’ve found out
Broken Bad
The country is broken. Badly broken. The keyword here
Miriam the miser and deceiver
Minister Miriam Dalli just announced we’ll be getting a
Human Rights Commissioner exposes Robert Abela’s lies
The first thing the Council of Europe’s Commissioner for
Creating reality one rubbish bin at a time
The government of Malta has been scolded again for
How Abela killed the commissioner
Prime Minister Robert Abela requested personal information about the
Money in the sky
Would it not be great if it just rained
Blundering Byron
The day after Malta police went on a rampage,
Il-Hutch goes down in proxy war
Another Party loyalist lost his livelihood this week in

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