Opinion: Bravo Clayton
Clayton Bartolo has done it again, messing up so
Opinion: Orders are orders
“I was just following orders” is an easy excuse. 
Opinion: Clayton Bartolo’s garbage
Minister Clayton Bartolo surreptitiously tabled an abridged version of
Opinion: Missing the wood for the trees
Robert Abela stood outside parliament answering questions about the
Only in Malta
A hilarious local website exposes the absurd and ridiculous
Playing God in Gaza
There is a story in the bible, in the
Opinion: Justice is not a witch hunt
Joseph Muscat reacted to the damning court sentence calling
Opinion: Waiting for the magistrate
On 19 June 2016, Ram Tumuluri, standing next to
Opinion: Integrity counts
In March 2023, the court declared the Vitals hospital
Opinion: The dominoes will fall
Sidney Powell was the wildest of Donald Trump’s diehards
An epic failure of blockbuster proportions
Tista taqra dan l-artiklu bil-Malti. For the past four
Opinion: Courting injustice
Robert Abela’s finger-wagging antics in parliament on Monday night
Opinion: The President, still failing in his duty
Tista taqra dan l-artiklu bil-Malti. When you think President
Opinion: Who will love our children?
It is with a heavy heart that I take
Opinion: The scene is set for another assassination
On 16 October 2017, around 16:15, I was lying
Opinion: Caruana Galizia’s nightmare still isn’t over
Almost six years to the day since Daphne Caruana
Opinion: Abela’s monstrosity
Would you give a dangerous driver a licence? Would
Opinion: An unsafe, threatening place
Aqra dan l-artiklu bil-Malti On 7 July 2017, Minister
Opinion: Protecting Paul
In the UK, a nurse who claimed overtime payments
Opinion: This is how we do it
Tista’ taqra dan l-artiklu bil-Malti If this is not the
Opinion: Labour’s institutionalised lawlessness
The Times of Malta just exposed another massive scandal
Opinion: The irresponsibility of power
“Vote for me, I’m not responsible for anything” should
Opinion: von der Leyen’s visit, was that really the best we could do?
Friday was an exciting day for the Maltese government
Why Robert Abela fears the truth
Why is Robert Abela always hiding the truth? Why
Editorial: Injudicious judicial picnics
News that judges and magistrates attended an event hosted
The King’s Defence
There’s a massive scandal in Poland right now. The
Opinion: Covering his own arse
“Don’t you think you should have resigned?” Minister Michael
Opinion: Life among frauds
The annual August stay in Malta usually helps reset
Opinion: Touch Labour and burn
He who sups with the devil should have a
Opinion: The resignation that wasn’t
“What will her salary be?” a journalist asked Owen

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