Muscat’s cabinet omerta’ – Kevin Cassar
“Cabinet endorsed all decisions,” Muscat declared. “I confirm that
Who, me? Corrupt? – Kevin Cassar
“The references to fraud in the court judgement in
Clayton rewrites history – Kevin Cassar
Minister Clayton Bartolo was asked in parliament how Pierre
The gods among us
The peoples of antiquity were convinced that the gods
Silence: ‘The mobsters’ choice’
“You see, the mob takes the Fifth – if
The doors of perception
I had this dream. Or maybe it was real.
Humans devalued
This article is not fresh. It scarcely says anything
The serenity of the institutions
A 20-year-old was assaulted, stabbed 17 times and her
Glenn Bedingfield’s emperor
“It is a bitter experience to have a Standards
Signs of the times
Historically, apocalyptic events have been preceded by signs in
Will Gafa never learn?
Tista’ taqra dan l-artiklu bil-Malti Police Commissioner Angelo Gafa
Carpet bombing the institutions, hypothetically
There was a man who suggested that razing Bugibba
Supercyrus and psychedelics
Cyrus Engerer is on another dicey mission. He’s all
Auld Lang Syne
There seemed to be an air of impatience as
Malta, the Mafia’s paradise
The EU’s smallest member state, Malta, has become the
Fighting corruption for real
Eva Kaili, until a little while ago a European
Robert Abela’s Pinocchio problem
If you don’t want to be sued, stop asking
Governing under influence
Sam Bankman-Fried is currently facing charges in The Bahamas
The blindness of arrogance
What should have been a mature informed debate has
Don’t fall for Abela’s ruse
Robert Abela is like that spoiled kid with overindulgent
The Importance of Being Saviour
My attention was drawn to the fact that government-handout
Silvio Schembri courted catastrophe
Minister Silvio Schembri tweeted in April 2018 the flattering
Brutality beyond the law
Bernice Cassar was shot to death by her husband
They’re not working, are they?
A young girl and boy were orphaned yesterday. Their
Nothing to hide
Frederick Azzopardi, former Infrastructure Malta CEO, insists he has
Five years and still here
The Shift is still online after five years. I
Justice’s many blunders
Something strange happened in court on Tuesday. Repubblika’s case
Labour’s illegal handover – Kevin Cassar
Robert Abela’s government broke the law.  It knew it
What lies beneath
Twenty-four bronze statues were unearthed from Etruscan baths built
The institutions are working… to protect those close to Robert Abela
The institutions are still working – but only for

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