Daphne under the Satanists’ Sun
It is time to make amends. I have long
Pandora’s box at St George’s Bay
Opposition to the proposed City Centre by DB Group
A public inquiry judges us, not the assassins
So, the Foreign Minister, Carmelo Abela, states that the
Will Neville Guffaw have the last laugh?
The worst kept secret in Malta has finally been
Numbing the minds of backbenchers
Just imagine if the Environment and Resources Authority Head
Joseph is the leader Malta deserves
The Maltese Dream of piracy and easy money is
Chameleon and leopard
He had it in his grasp, only to fall
Whose line was it anyway?
Let’s play a game of “Whose Line Was It?”
Reach beyond the Dwejra night sky
The Planning Authority often gets it wrong when issuing
Worse than Mongolia but better than Germany
One fine February day, eight months before Daphne Caruana
Backing up or backing off
A move was finally made yesterday within the PN,
Horses for EU courses
Last month’s European Parliament (EP) election result – its
BOV and Malta’s toxic reputation
“Your business is doing too well. I’m afraid we
Standards are set at the top
The construction industry disaster has briefly opened a dark
Tourism in the Concrete Age
You know what tourists don’t like? Paying for an
Joseph Muscat’s Haiku
Most European political leaders campaign in poetry, then govern
They’re laughing at you
I thought it was a joke at first, or
Another hot, crowded summer
For most people, Sette Giugno is a holiday. It
If you’re consistent, you’re not credible
Every so often, we get an arresting view of
How to institutionalise mediocrity
“I voted for you. Now you have to do
Changes at the top
Adrian Delia is quite right to say that the
Mirror, mirror, on the wall
These days, it seems the Maltese public is doing
Yes, of course Adrian Delia must go
Before the European Parliament elections, Joseph Muscat said: ‘after
Who belongs in Malta?
The drive-by shooting of three migrants shows us that
The skill behind the billboards
Electoral results matter more than billboards, which in any
This is a safe place, racism is in our midst
These are never isolated incidents, but always connected to
An allergy to responsibility
An epidemic is sweeping across Malta. It has already
The vote as a message
Many people are wondering how to vote on Saturday.
Bread and circuses at Ta’ Qali
The Eurovision song contest may soon be grabbing more
How to fail as a State
It is easy to trip up over the details

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