Borg’s blasphemy
Minister Ian Borg blasphemed – in public, on live
The hill we climb
Young Amanda Gorman delivered a magnificent speech at President
Killed for chasing the truth
A social media effort is afoot, spontaneous or orchestrated,
Leeching off the public purse
If there’s one thing your former finance minister likes
Prime Minister resigns over corruption allegations
The Prime minister resigned immediately, bringing down his government
No time for a weak constitution
Parliament. They’re are at it again. The two Parties
The first sign of corruption
Georges Bernanos (1888-1948): ‘The first sign of corruption in
Did they even read their own law?
The Department of Information (DOI) has refused to give
Donald, is that you?
Donald Trump blew a gasket. He unleashed his fury
The democracy of knowledge
If you have never read Alexis de Tocqueville’s ‘Democracy
The politics of anger 
Maybe Aristotle was the first philosopher to say that,
This is where the filter bubble leads
The American reality show descended into chaos this week
Greeks bearing gifts
In the epic poem ‘Aeneid’, the Roman poet Virgil
Twenty Twenty-One
Never was a year the subject of so much
Politics when facts don’t matter 
Voters don’t use identical benchmarks when judging prime ministers
Out with the old and in with… the same?
Good riddance to 2020. I’m sure no one’s sorry
End of year, end of shame
Jonathan Swift observed: “I never wonder to see men
The Yuletide charm offensive
PR (Propaganda Report) number 202679 issued by the Department
Keith Schembri’s phone: a hypothesis
It’s the season to be jolly and put cynicism
A Christmas playlist for the entire family
It’s been a tough year for everyone between the
The wrong of rudeness: Mercieca’s meanness
Simon Mercieca, University history lecturer, publicly accused Matthew Caruana
Keeping up appearances: The season finale
In his deposition before the Daphne Inquiry, former Economy
Judges in the dock 
It was the Roman satirist Juvenal who asked, Who
What’s next? Cement shoes?
These guys don’t learn anything, do they? It’s not
Of education and demagoguery
“Democracy implies election of the corrupt few by the
In denial
Brexit negotiations that were meant to end Sunday have
The cabal matters, not the ‘Kitchen Cabinet’
Ten years ago, our public discourse was exercised by
Fenech and the Bangladeshi Schembri
Some countries specialise in technology, others specialise in services.
Executing the diabolical
Minister Ian Borg lied in Court. Magistrate Axiak declared
The People vs Joseph Muscat
As expected, disgraced former prime minister Joseph Muscat’s brazen

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