Your cowardice and greed killed Daphne
It’s a strange coincidence that my 100th column for
Feudalism rediscovered
It did not happen under the dark cloak of
Who betrayed Joseph Muscat?
In the interview he gave TVM’s L-Erbgħa Fost il-Ġimgħa
Michelle’s merry gold
The First Lady of Kickbackistan knows better than anyone
Reconcile this
The buzzword in Pieta’ late on Saturday night was
Bernard Grech’s paradox
A political newcomer, Bernard Grech, the new PN leader,
Another day, another direct order
What do arms dealers and zookeepers know about medical
When the price is right  
“Joseph Muscat paid the price back in November when
Muscatonomics and Abela
It’s the season of second waves. First, COVID-19; now,
Breaking news shouldn’t break us
“It is institutions that help preserve decency. They need
Sorry, we don’t do diligence here
They say it takes a thief to catch a
A step closer, but miles away
As the news broke of the freezing of assets
Underlying conditions
The phrase ‘underlying conditions’ will soon join the likes
The corrupt, the greedy and the dupes
We now know how the public broadcaster, PBS, colluded
You paid for their propaganda
The public broadcaster is taking orders from the Labour
No lesson left unlearnt
I am told that the first September storms visited
Respect human rights? It depends…
Late last month, our justice minister announced the government’s
Your gift to Malta’s richest families
What an incredibly generous thing you did, paying Electrogas’
When continuity does not work
The Ancient Greeks would resort to an Oracle whenever
Exit Poirot, enter Lt Columbo
The public inquiry into the assassination of Daphne Caruana
Turning your lemons into their lemonade
The General Workers’ Union found a lucrative way to
Collaborators and enablers
I watched the non-face off that was the Xarabank
The beggar swaggers
The Daphne Caruana Galizia inquiry continues to draw testimony
All for the price of a cup of coffee
Have you noticed that recently everything is being compared
‘Transparently yours, Joseph’
For a man who campaigned on a promise of
The Venice Commission is a joke
A recent package of constitutional reforms was trumpeted as
How to wax about standards
Any messiah can turn water into wine, but it
Don’t seek and you won’t find
“You’ll never find anything if you never look.” Translate
The loyalty of crooks
Vouchers. Tourism Minister Julia Farrugia is convinced that rather
Inglourious Custards
Courage is one virtue you can’t fake. That’s why

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