Empty words and technicalities
“No thanks, we’ve already got some.” That was the
Police commissioner: myths and facts
In the summer of 2001, on the day that
What are they so desperate to hide?
Someone sure doesn’t want Joseph Muscat’s resignation letter to
Flying the Jolly Dodger
When Robert Abela’s critics call him the continuity candidate,
Buying silence one stooge at a time
Former Police Commissioner Lawrence Cutajar is the latest Muscat
The Disgraced Offices of Joseph Muscat
Europe Day came and went with a quiet whimper
Voldemort returns
Joseph Muscat’s supporters and critics are at it again.
Hostage drama on the high seas
Malta is holding 57 people hostage on the high
A hierarchy of rights 
In many places across the world, we are witnessing
The real game in the migrant saga
Is it legal, the way that Malta is treating
Human trafficking on pirate island
The Muscat Regime was like a cross between King
Injections of disinfectant can cushion your brain
The supposed Leader of the Free World tried his
The leisure of gods
If you think democracy and transparency are expensive –
Your right to know, compromised
Malta has fallen another four places in the World
Get off that high horse, Bobby
Repubblika, the civil society organisation that has become Prime
Letter to my future child
Dear child, God willing you will be breathing your
The patriotism we owe ourselves
Patriotism – wrote Mark Twain in a serious mood
Another angry broadside from the Lobby of the Unhinged
John Dalli wasn’t happy about our recent story on
Another day, another dodgy contract
Another day, another dodgy contract. I wonder, what’s it
Getting it together
Slow, deep breaths. They’re a remedy for those moments
The good in the bad and the ugly
A memo to readers who, upon reading of Keith
You’re only making it worse for yourself
Well that didn’t take long. Keith Schembri’s short-lived publishing
Keith Schembri has a fake newspaper
We each respond to a raging pandemic in our
Government sanctioned disobedience
As parallels continue to be made with wartime years,
A time that’s defining Robert Abela
In last week’s Sunday Times, an op-ed by Robert
Watch what they do, not what they say
When you want to evaluate someone, don’t listen to
Confinement and the common good
A philosopher once said that if you are lonely
Steward: If not now, when?
During a press conference devoted to how seriously the
The price of corruption is coming home
Every ‘larger than life’ figure has its trademark. With
Scandal games for quarantined kids
Social distancing, shop closures, and work from home have

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