Government attacks The Shift with legal Groundhog Day
Forty separate branches of the government are attacking another
The Exploit Nation
The plush beaches, the emerald waters, the luscious untarnished
Malta: a pseudo-democracy
Britain’s chaotic exit from the EU. Putin’s war in
The tenor and the Sopranos 
Here’s a placard from the French 2002 presidential election:
Holidays in hell
I’ll always remember my first visit to Comino. Don’t
Embracing tyrants – Kevin Cassar
“Will they call von der Leyen corrupt?  Will they
Michael Zammit Tabona, anti-communist – Ranier Fsadni
We should all thank God that this country has
When the green’s gone, build on the blue
It isn’t enough to fill every remaining green space
The ‘idiots’
“Every ten years or so, some idiot brings up
Sliding relentlessly to autocracy
Robert Abela’s new cabinet was sworn in.  Since then,
Brussels names Muscat, Malta shrugs
This week we had two EU reports on Malta’s
Light years
The images acquired by NASA’s new James Webb Space
Disgraceful terms, disgraceful exits
Boris Johnson is done, and what an exit. The
The luckiest woman in the world lives in Malta – Ryan Murdock
The luckiest woman in Bormla might just be the
Rigged – Jacques René Zammit
It is the nature of lotteries that they are
The lucky lackey – Kevin Cassar
Konrad Mizzi’s right-hand man, Ronald Mizzi, turned 40 yesterday. 
Culture of impunity rebooted – Ranier Fsadni
The return to public life by Joseph Muscat, the
You’ll have your botched day in court
I’ll never forget the winter when I was served
Law’s many asses
Those familiar with the proverbial expression “the law is
The thoughtless slave is a happy slave – Kevin Cassar
Tista’ taqra dan l-artiklu bil-Malti hawn. “None are more
Hunters take aim at democracy – Ranier Fsadni
After years of shooting down flamingos, swans and other
Jason Micallef’s disgust – Kevin Cassar
Not even Jason Micallef, ONE chairman, and Emanuel Cuschieri,
Why our leaders fail us – Ranier Fsadni
It used to be a clash of the titans.
Extreme function
Those extremists at Moviment Graffitti were at it again.
Who’s really in charge? – Kevin Cassar
Steve Cachia gave an interview to Noticias Agricolas in
Fresh faces, same old hands – Ranier Fsadni
What do Victoria Buttigieg, Angelo Gafà, Miriam Dalli and
Summer in Malta is the bomb
Another fireworks factory has exploded, spewing toxic smoke, torching
Cutting parliament short  – Jacques René Zammit
I happened to come across a random OneTV clip
Labour undermining security – Kevin Cassar
“The news was dominated by the story of Iosif
Better than the BBC, almost as good as RT – Ranier Fsadni
In case you missed it, PBS has declared that

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