Those complicit competent authorities – Jacques René Zammit
Belief. It’s an act of faith. It requires trust
Extraordinary recklessness – Kevin Cassar
Within hours of being sworn in, Robert Abela’s populism
Prove us wrong, Robert Abela
Newly-returned Prime Minister Robert Abela starts his fresh legislature
Donkeys of us all
Let’s give Rosianne Cutajar her due. After she failed
Out with some of the old
The new leaders have been appointed. These are the
The many elephants in the election room
On the eve of election day, I was out
In greed he trusts
It wasn’t my business to see where he got
Interpreting the signal, ignoring the noise
This piece has been written while we know it’s
Quiet please, we’re voting
The ‘Day of Reflection’ is upon us. No, it
Home to roost – Blanche Gatt
The day after tomorrow, according to all the major
Foregone conclusions – Jacques René Zammit
This article is an analysis of a future electoral
Crooks in office
An investigator who exposed State corruption was arrested. He
The pact of oblivion
Tista’ taqrah bil-Malti. “Let’s not disturb graves and hurl
Voters in Malta love a good thief
I know ‘Only in Malta’ has become a cliche,
The anachronistic island
On 5 March, Prime Minister Abela crossed by boat
A low, dishonest decade
“Uncertain and afraid of a low dishonest decade,” WH
A Kama Sutra of a political programme
I must have missed the thunderbolt that struck Robert
End times for the passport programme – Ryan Murdock
Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine has put the final
Elections in times of war: who will love our children?
In a video doing the rounds of the net,
The moral void – Kevin Cassar
A spokesperson for the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage confirmed
Continuity, only worse – Ranier Fsadni
Apart from the bonanza of gifts and discounts, Labour’s
Trying to make hay while bombs rain down
Robert Abela is so far out of his depth
The iniquity of ingratiation
Anyone who wants to receive favour from the leader
‘Unity in Adversity’ and the Pariah Island
It has been described as a bloodied silver lining
Clues for the clueless
If only we had some clues about Joseph Muscat,
Robert Abela’s programme in two words
There’s a rule of thumb that distinguishes a democratically
Will Malta keep playing both sides?
Robert Abela took an evening off campaigning this week
Elections in Wonderland
We seem to have slipped through the looking glass
The destruction of memory
“Expect now that others, our friends in the opposition,
Robert Abela promised an Xtra full explanation – but full of what?
On Monday, during two excruciating minutes of dodging questions

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