Steward’s Nadine shames Vitals’ Nadine
“VGH (Vitals) had not delivered, nor had the government
A weaponless revolution
Former Italian PM Matteo Renzi was in the news
Weaponising the vote
A reader has written to urge me to make
Living on borrowed money and borrowed time
The prime minister seems to have lost the plot
Politics, for what it’s worth
Your average cynic believes that the world is made
Ageing without grace
Joseph Muscat turned 48 last week. His 49th-year resolution
Robert Abela’s bind
As in one of those ‘Neputija tal-Kappillan’ farces, in
The great stagnation
A great stagnation is upon us, and it isn’t
The devil’s tricks
The storm of scandals that has hit the Labour
Deeds not words
Prime minister Abela bragged, “We are not afraid of
Two years of Robert Abela
The anniversary of Robert Abela’s two years in office
Cry havoc and unleash the dogs of war
“Celebrities who retreat from the public eye will always
Knock knock knocking on Muscat’s door
Malta’s police are surely among the most courteous of
The duty of candour
If you aren’t prosecuted and found guilty of serious
The press needs good faith not just new laws
What’s needed to implement the Caruana Galizia public inquiry’s
Chris Fearne’s perennial hypocrisy
Chris Fearne was supposed to be the ‘clean one’.
The people’s president has left us
The tag line on David Sassoli’s Twitter account read,
The oligarchic amoralist
Might is right and rules are made by weak
A broad phantom consultation
There’s a Muriel Spark story where an elderly spinster
Solving crimes, the Maltese way
Victoria Buttigieg and Angelo Gafa have some explaining to
The latest attempt to castrate the press
Poor little Joe Gerada doesn’t want to be accountable
Farewell to welfare
The welfare state sees the government as the guarantor
Dumb and dumber
Former MEP Marlene Mizzi has long been knitting with
Yesterday marked the start of a new decade
There’s general agreement that, following the 2013 general election,
It’s only impossible until it’s done
This year, 2022, is Malta’s opportunity to prove that
Resolutions in the land of collusion
Plague Year Two ended in a haze of smoke
Other people
The world hit a record daily Covid cases on
His own mess
Why doesn’t Robert Abela clean his own mess? Justyne
A fairy-tale state
The face of justice. The far-seeing eyes of statesmen.
A Maltese Christmas carol
Last night, many of us celebrated Christmas Eve with

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