Mind their language
Robert Abela is obsessed with prosperity. In October 2021,
Is it too much to ask why she died?
“Over the years the AFM saved thousands of lives,”
The boys are back in town
Malta’s part-time prime minister is on holiday again. Not
Magistrate Lia defends lawyer Lia
Magistrate Nadine Lia is digging her heels in. She’s
Work permitting
I have been a fan of football management simulation
Scicluna’s shameless secrecy
“It was my prerogative, and I don’t need to
Getting away with murder
Another 16th has come. Next month marks five years
Pride in the republic, really?
Shortly after Queen Elizabeth II passed away, we heard
The fugitive who’s not a fugitive
When is a fugitive not a fugitive? Magistrate Donatella
Disgraced former prime minister jailed
The disgraced former prime minister has finally been sentenced
Suitcases in the night
Frustrated citizens took to the streets again this week
The ‘institutions that work’ let Evarist Bartolo’s canvasser walk free
Tista’ taqra dan l-artiklu bil-Malti hawn. Evarist Bartolo’s former
Unlicensed drivers on lawless roads
No one who’s experienced Maltese roads was surprised to
Ideal Standards
I had not heard of Mona60000 before this business
Cream for them, no milk for you
Jeffrey Curmi, the former brigadier now CEO at Transport
Get out
We do not get to choose our birthplace. We
Clayton’s fiction – Kevin Cassar
“I will stick to my word and table those
Muscat’s explanations still don’t add up
Five years ago today, a second and final test
Humour in the face of tyranny
Hadi Matar had only read “a couple of pages”
The Revised (Abridged) Constitution of the Republic
I managed to get my hands on a copy
Why Abela’s done nothing
Why has Robert Abela completely ignored all the recommendations
Surrounded by cretins
Another barefaced direct order that rips up the rulebook
Lawless roads and random lead
The Canadian government has enraged the ‘go back to
The rallying cry from the Burmarrad washroom does not
Muscat’s mob rule
“Our voice is not one crying in the desert
Abela’s tax on information
Anything too stupid to say, said Voltaire, must be
Government attacks The Shift with legal Groundhog Day
Forty separate branches of the government are attacking another
The Exploit Nation
The plush beaches, the emerald waters, the luscious untarnished
Malta: a pseudo-democracy
Britain’s chaotic exit from the EU. Putin’s war in
The tenor and the Sopranos 
Here’s a placard from the French 2002 presidential election:

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