Police charged two persons in relation to illegally parked caravans in Mistra

The Malta Police Force has charged two persons in relation to the illegally parked caravans occupying the once idyllic bay in Mistra following recent inspections.

Replying to questions by The Shift, a police spokesperson said the persons were charged for having caravans not attached to licensed motor vehicles, having a caravan with no number plate and for leaving objects outside the caravan.

The police said the charges mentioned above are the most common breaches they find when carrying out inspections.

The illegalities were found recently but no specific timeframes were given.

Questions were sent to the police following a years-long campaign by Mistra restaurant owner Claude Camilleri, who has gone from one authority to another seeking answers as to why the dozens of caravans in Mistra are not subject to any enforcement.

Camilleri had complained that police, Transport Malta and the Planning Authority offered little, if any, support in dealing with this recurring issue. Now that years have passed without an end in sight, Camilleri is considering taking legal action.

“This is no longer my fight,” he told The Shift. “It’s the people’s fight”.

Despite police replies indicating some form of action being taken, when contacted by The Shift on Friday, Camilleri said nothing had changed. Asked whether he’s seen any police presence or a reduction in the number of caravans in recent weeks, Camilleri said, “Absolutely nothing”.

The Shift drove to Mistra and confirmed that the bay is still packed with parked caravans, just as it was several weeks earlier.

Hundreds of parked caravans are defacing some of Malta’s most beautiful coastal areas, including Ta’ Fra Ben in Qawra, Mistra and Little Armier, but the authorities seem reluctant to do anything about it.

Police explained that they are currently liaising with “other institutions” to instal signs and paint traffic and parking lines in Mistra. When asked to elaborate who these institutions are, they referred to the Mellieha Local Council and Transport Malta.

Transport Malta did not respond to our questions.

Despite the complete lack of progress in these areas, St Thomas Bay in Marsascala was finally cleared as enforcement notices by the district police pushed the caravans to a secluded field close to the bay.

It remains to be seen whether the authorities intend to carry out similar enforcement efforts in other caravan-littered areas.



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