Il-Kenniesa getting ready for gruelling marathon

More than 12 members of Il-Kenniesa, a group of young activists striving to challenge Malta’s political system, will be participating in the 2018 Malta Marathon on 25 February to support The Shift.

While most of them have no history in running marathons, they’re looking forward to joining the fun for what they described as “a good cause.”

The activists have been going to training classes after work to get fit and a few have been meeting up after work and going for jogs twice a week to get in shape.

Speaking to The Shift News the activists said that although some of them are not seasoned runners they are doing it simply for the cause and would be doing the walkathon.

However some activists are trained runners and apart from supporting the cause they are going in for the challenge.

One of the activists, Rachel Pace, said “I’m not much of a trainer, I’m doing this simply because I think people need to recognise the importance of this cause and how good can come of positive initiatives like these”

Fellow participant Estelle Spiteri told The Shift News “I train and do outdoor activities regularly, but our aim in walking this marathon is to show support and to hopefully send a strong message to the public that we should stand together for what is right.”

Francesca Pecci said although she is not much of a runner, she’s been walking about 8km on her walks to get ready for the marathon. “I think this is what we need in Malta, setting an example of fighting back through positive initiatives like these,” she said.

Other participants echoed the same sentiments, with John Said saying that he felt let down by the traditional independent media houses and no longer trusts them.

“I am livid that SLAPP lawsuits are being used to muzzle media houses and deem this to be one of the major threats to our freedom of expression. I feel that The Shift News and a few other publications are the only ones who have remained true to their mission to provide the public with the truth. So I want to help in giving them more exposure and help in the little way I can.”

The list of runners includes; Sophie Bonnici, Sarah Carabott, Philippa Rizzo Naudi, Francesca Pecci, Rachel Pace, Estelle Spiteri, John Said, Jeremy Debattista, Greta Psaila Savona, Debbie Caruana Dingli and Luana Zammit.

To join them in the marathon, visit Il-Kenniesa’s Facebook page for more information. To support the campaign, click here.


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