Il-Kenniesa to run the Malta Marathon 2019 to support The Shift.

Members of Il-Kenniesa, a group of young activists striving to challenge Malta’s political system, will be participating in the 2019 Malta Marathon to support The Shift.

While most of them have no history in running marathons, they’re looking forward to joining the fun for a good cause: “We hope people join, we hope those who can’t will donate, or even sponsor us. This is the kind of solidarity that is needed”.

So whether you’re fit enough to run or not, you too can support the campaign either by joining il-Kenniesa in the marathon or supporting their run!

To join them in the marathon, visit Il-Kenniesa’s Facebook page for more information.

To support the campaign, donate below

About Il-Kenniesa

Il-Kenniesa  was founded in July 2017 by a group of activists who strive to challenge the political system in Malta and promote clean politics. We started off with a group of four individuals, and have now grown to a community of over 40 who all contribute in some way or another. We understand the importance of encouraging people not to be afraid and fighting for the freedom of our basic human rights. We understand corruption has been around for many years, and we know we need to tackle the problem, not by targeting one party, but across the board. Our political system needs a good sweeping before we can move forward.