Joseph Muscat placed on Danish Village board of directors after GWU sell-out
Disgraced former prime minister Joseph Muscat has found a
The lucky lackey – Kevin Cassar
Konrad Mizzi’s right-hand man, Ronald Mizzi, turned 40 yesterday. 
How Joseph swindled the nation
“Funds provided by government to Vitals were being channelled
Steward Healthcare US changes hands; asks for State bail out for Pennsylvania hospital
Steward Healthcare US Vice President Michael Callum issued an
Robert Abela set a new record
On his first day in office, Abela gave to
Egrant: ‘The most expensive cover up in Malta’s political history’
You won a difficult battle in court and gave
Muscat protected his friends, not the national interest
While the Maltese government kept insisting that the Council
If you’re consistent, you’re not credible
Every so often, we get an arresting view of
‘Inadvisable, underhand deal’ on Malta’s public hospitals
Minister Konrad Mizzi struck an “inadvisable, underhand deal with
An allergy to responsibility
An epidemic is sweeping across Malta. It has already
Spotlight on threats against journalists in Malta in European report
“Burned in effigy. Insulted. Menaced. Spat at. Discredited by
An epidemic of shamelessness
Konrad Mizzi, the Minister who negotiated the deal with
The Shift News cyber attack reported by Mapping Media Freedom
The cyber attack on The Shift News on Friday
Pigs at the trough
The reaction of the Party in government to revelations
The big sell out #3: Vitals secretly funded €5 million takeover of Technoline
Key findings: VGH’s secret owners funded the €5 million take
The big sell out: Steward bought Vitals for €1, but millions changed hands
Key findings: The agreement shows that Steward Healthcare bought
2018: A year of investigations
This has been a busy year for The Shift
€70,000: Garnishee orders filed against Vitals Global Healthcare
Vitals Global Healthcare, the concessionaires for the operation of
National health service should not be guided by profit
The Vitals saga poses serious consequences on our healthcare
UPDATED | EU directive loomed on Vitals’s secret owners
Updated with Socialist MEP Ana Gomes’ tweet over Joseph

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