The land of make-believe – Joe Azzopardi

‘Of course Neverland had been make-believe in those days; but it was real now, and there were no night-lights, and it was getting darker every moment’ - J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


Listening to Robert Abela and his acolytes, one would think Sir Thomas More could have based his ‘Utopia’ masterpiece on Malta since Robert Abela was sworn in as prime minister on 13 January 2020.

The sun, according to Abela, rose over Malta for the first time that very day.

Robert Abela brags that here on our own Utopian island, we have full employment with just a handful of lazy people registering for work.

That is what he and his media men like Karl Stagno Navarra and Emanuel Cuschieri feed his followers – described as ġaħans (fools) by former minister Edward Zammit Lewis – day in and day out.

Of course, they do not mention the thousands of third-world nationals working like modern-day slaves delivering food, driving buses and working in construction.

They pay taxes and National Insurance contributions but are not entitled to a pension. Some of them cannot afford rent so they sleep on the street or in public gardens.

Malta’s economy as designed by the corrupt Joseph Muscat is based solely on construction.

In 10 years there wasn’t one new foreign investment, except for Vitals and Steward for the hospitals concession and the American University of Malta. And then there was Pilatus Bank in the financial sector.

We all know what the outcomes were. Labour’s vision of a new and robust economy managed to uglify Malta in just a decade with rabbit hole apartments, dust and noise pollution.

And when one speaks of pollution, one has to bear in mind that we are seeing 10 new cars on our roads every day – roads that are clogged every hour of every day leading to frustration, road rage and thousands of lost hours of work.

The government’s solution is to widen roads and eat away at fertile agricultural land but the various bottlenecks around the country persist

Reading or hearing about hundreds of thousands of euros being paid to government consultants and persons of trust – many of them former ONE Media journalists, political turncoats and party members – and the amount the government spends on media activities, one would think that we are living in a country with a healthy financial situation.

But the reality of the situation is something else.

Public debt has exploded since 2013 and now stands at more than €9 billion, double what it was in 2012. To finance Abela’s extravagances the, government is borrowing €3 million every day.

The latest news is that Minister Aaron Farrugia is employing no less than 36 consultants, advisors and experts and spending €700,000 a year in the process.

These doyens’ results? Everyday bumper-to-bumper traffic and daily delays of Air Malta flights.

But the biggest falsehood that Robert Abela is living, and is desperately trying to put across, concerns the rule of law.

When he met EU Commissioner for Justice Didier Reynders recently, Abela declared with a straight face that Malta, after having ‘some difficulties,’ has learnt its lessons about good governance and now everything is just fine.

He never mentioned the lack of action from the Attorney General and the Commissioner of Police when it comes to anything involving corrupt politicians and their buddies.

And, as MEP David Casa pointed out in a recent tweet, the prime minister neglected to tell the Commissioner about his links to organised crime and how he persists in undermining justice and propagating impunity.

And Robert Abela meanwhile keeps hoodwinking his faithful.

Like on Workers Day when he promised them he would spend €60 million of their own money to send each one of them a €100 cheque as a tax refund – and they clapped, sang and cheered.

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saviour mamo
saviour mamo
3 months ago

What worries me most is the uncontrollable explosion of the national debt since Robert Abela came to power.

3 months ago

Abela’s brain is seriously clouded. He never grew up in maturity except to make the best out what riches were available. The first sign of mental confusion was when he stuck a marble slab in the grounds of San Anton , when his father was president under the PN government, to commemorate for eternity the birth of his child. As if nobody had any children before.

Joe l ghasfur
Joe l ghasfur
3 months ago

Il mira principali tal Bobby (Ara kif ser naghmel biex nibqa fil poter halli nostor lil miserabli Muscat u il klikka halli jkomplu jisirqu u jitnejku bil poplu Malti). Din hi il misjoni tal Prim ghaziz taghna. Meta ser tiftah mohhok Gahan!

3 months ago

200% agree, have been saying this since 8 years ago. Not one industry did we create, no foreign direct investment (FDI). On the contrary foreign companies that were established here have left when Malta’s reputation soured internationally thanks to Panama Papers and the Maltese government ministers with secret accounts.

3 months ago

‘To finance Abela’s extravagances, the government is borrowing €3 million every day.’

A stark contrast to:

‘Like on Workers Day when he promised them he would spend €60 million of their own money to send each one of them a €100 cheque as a tax refund – and they clapped, sang and cheered.’

Some of those PL fanatics, to whom the PL is as sacrosanct like the Catholic Church is for others, told someone else in the comment section of another website, that she doesn’t understand how the PL economy works, because she neither shared his beliefs nor his pro-PL stancas. That woman concerned was certainly right in some of her opinions, but the other person, the staunch PLer, deliberately ignores what his beloved party is doing to this country. There are plenty of such types all over the place on that website. There is no reasoning with them, they merely follow their black-and-white daily tit-for-tat nonsense and are happy with it. On the other hand, there is hardly reasoning with those on the other side because they are just doing the same, retaliating in their own words and fashion and all of them are happy people running in circles.

Those who either got fed up with that sort of nonsense or have given up trying to reason with them because it doesn’t make sense anymore after a while, have left that place for good. The fool and the sheep are always in the eye of the beholder and as things are over there, they can’t distinguish one from another themselves anymore because they have become obsessed with their daily game which they have to play.

Well, it takes some maths to work out what the difference in real money means when comparing the first part of the quotation with the last one. I am not going to do these maths because I think that this would be bad for anybody’s blood pressure.

It is an insult to those who pay their taxes and watch the govt squandering it for the benefit and even bigger ‘presents’ to the PL chums in higher places than the usual clapping, singing and cheering gahans. As I have witnessed myself, the gahans don’t mind being called that, in some extreme cases they might even feel proud about it.

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