Imprison Joseph Muscat and accomplices, Repubblika demands

NGO Repubblika is calling for the imprisonment of former prime minister Joseph Muscat and his “accomplices” in the wake of last Friday’s damning Vitals-Steward ruling has ordered all the contracts that handed over three state hospitals rescinded.

In a press conference in front of Joseph Muscat’s offices in Sa Maison on Wednesday morning, Repubblika called for the former prime minister to be put behind bars for involvement in the recently annulled “fraudulent” Vitals and Steward hospitals deal.

Repubblika president Robert Aquilina did not mince his words and challenged Muscat to file a libel suit against him, accusing Muscat of being “corrupt”. He also named Konrad Mizzi, Chris Cardona, Edward Scicluna and Keith Schembri as accomplices in the deal, saying they should also be held to account.

Aquilina called for action to be taken by police commissioner Angelo Gafà, saying “it is unacceptable that, days later, no one has yet shouldered or has been made to shoulder responsibility” for a deal that constitutes “nothing less than criminal behaviour”.

Aquilina also noted that “when these members and ex-member of government say they have nothing to do with the deal, we do not believe them”. He credited the work of journalists for exposing the “stink of corruption” coming from these deals.

He went on to highlight Repubblika’s efforts to have to deal investigated. The civil society organisation had successfully filed requests for an inquiry into the deal in 2019, only to have the magistrate order overturned by Judge Giovanni Grixti in October of the same year.

The request for inquiry specifically asked for an investigation into Konrad Mizzi, Chris Cardona, and Edward Scicluna’s involvement in the fraudulent concession. Judge Grixti justified his decision to overturn to inquiry order by downplaying investigations into the fraudulent deal as “a collection of opinions by journalists and bloggers”.

This came in spite of the investigations being based on documents filed in court and registry of companies documents related to company set-ups and share transfers

The three, at the time still ministers, also showed contempt at investigations into the concession by this newsroom. They dismissed the scandal, using what has been described as “abusive language in the regard of The Shift” by Mapping Media Freedom.

Repubblika successfully filed new requests for an inquiry, which is still ongoing. During Wednesday’s press conference, Aquilina said that Repubblika awaits the conclusion of this inquiry, asking “where did the €400 million go?”

The press conference was held at Sa Maison in front of public property offices currently being occupied by Muscat by way of his resignation-resignation secret severance package. Parliamentary questions about the severance package have been repeatedly avoided by current prime minister Robert Abela.


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25 days ago

Keep up the good work and stay safe as this corrupt government is ruthless.

A. Fan
A. Fan
25 days ago

Repubblika just need to remain vigilant that their legitimate demands for the rule of law won’t take on elements of mob rule in the eyes of the voters. To be clear (viv!), I’m not disputing the legitimacy of their message, merely questioning whether their fervor doesn’t potentially become counterproductive at some point. The crooks will not be intimidated so long as they can count on the famous ‘institutions’ working in their favour. That’s who’ll flinch before they will.

24 days ago
Reply to  A. Fan

When the crimes assisted by the state are so brazen, at what point does justice approach equilibrium? I don’t think for a moment Repubblika would recognise anything resembling or even close to lex talionis.

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