PBS board director fronts government propaganda
Pablo Micallef, a director on the board of the
New familiar patterns
The timing of the Conference for National Unity, held
Partial Law
I was almost tempted to waste another article dissecting
Disinformation Watch: unity without accountability
On 6 February, President George Vella announced a one-day
A non-apology for a non-story
“While it is a fact that the current Leader
Disinformation hit list 2020
The disinformation that accompanied the pandemic was used in
The Yuletide charm offensive
PR (Propaganda Report) number 202679 issued by the Department
In denial
Brexit negotiations that were meant to end Sunday have
Joseph and the Character Assassination Propaganda Machine
A disgraced former Prime Minister walks into an inquiry
‘No EU funds for government-controlled media or political propaganda’ – MEPs
Media freedom in Europe has declined MEPs deplore harassment
The corrupt, the greedy and the dupes
We now know how the public broadcaster, PBS, colluded
You paid for their propaganda
The public broadcaster is taking orders from the Labour
Broadcasting Authority ruling makes perverse situation worse
A ruling by the Broadcasting Authority (BA) this week
Malta among countries that received faulty COVID-19 masks from China
Malta was one of the countries receiving “fake and
New media law is good news for Maltese public
An amendment floated on Monday by Minister Carmelo Abela
Carry on as ‘normal’
The Prime Minister has tried hard to reach the
Wash, rinse, repeat
When The Shift started monitoring government disinformation tactics in
Twitter removes 20,000 fake accounts linked to government propaganda
On the 2 April, Twitter announced via one of
From China, with love…
There seems to be a direct correlation between freer
Made in China? Perhaps not…
Just as countries around the world are rejecting and
Restoration won’t fix flawed democracy
It’s easier to gain five kilos than to lose
Potholes and the government meme machine
A hole is not a hole in the upside-down
Twitter ban: ‘Political advertising isn’t about free expression’
Twitter has announced that it will no longer accept
Malta one of 70 countries using organised social media manipulation campaigns
Malta is one of 70 countries having used organised
The march of the dark brigade
How can journalists fight back against threats and violence?
Are they really out to get us?
Malta sure has a lot of enemies for such
Malta’s ally: Report on censorship, control by China beyond its borders
China is going to great lengths to create a
A Tale of Two Maltas
We’ve never had it so good. We’ve never had
The rise of the brazen lie
At some point over the last three years, a
Disinformation Watch #31: On calls for votes for those who ‘love the country’
For anyone “to come here and give the impression