Evarist Bartolo blames you
The nerve of some politicians. In Evarist Bartolo’s recent
Il-perċimes tal-propaganda – Kevin Cassar
Read this article in English here. Ġurnalist tal-Malta Today
Propagandist in chief
Tista’ taqra dan l-artiklu bil-Malti hawn. A video of
€1 million for propaganda agents as Labour TV shunts more staff onto public payroll
Taxpayers will be spending more than €1 million a
Why PN lost
Now we know. Labour’s Desmond Zammit Marmara has all
Human rights violator handed public broadcasting
The man formerly responsible for trampling on the free
National Theatre has been funding Azzopardi’s plays for 8 years
Teatru Manoel – Malta’s National Theatre – has been
Those complicit competent authorities – Jacques René Zammit
Belief. It’s an act of faith. It requires trust
Over 100 billboards on 50km stretch, at least €670,000 spent on digital advertising
The Labour Party campaign dominates political advertising on both
The shifting sands of public opinion – Noel Grima
We may think it’s impossible but some 40% of
The destruction of memory
“Expect now that others, our friends in the opposition,
Government pays €20,000 to Labour Party for partisan newspaper supplement
A partisan 32-page newspaper supplement published by the Labour
Cry havoc and unleash the dogs of war
“Celebrities who retreat from the public eye will always
The oligarchic amoralist
Might is right and rules are made by weak
The vandalism of distortion
“The PN has nothing to offer this country and
Exposed: Saviour Balzan received at least €1 million in government contracts under Labour
Malta Today and Illum co-owner Saviour Balzan has raked
The enemy is the state 
The State is under siege. Its enemies are everywhere.
Massaging morale
“The success of Team Malta is the Labour Party’s
Facts don’t matter
“One News was incorrect and not faithful to the
Nasty ideas and the intent to cause harm
There is an argument to be made that controversy
Bedingfield’s banality
Why do ordinary people do appalling things? The political
We’re biased, and we’re cool with it
Much has been said about The Shift, ever since
PBS board director fronts government propaganda
Pablo Micallef, a director on the board of the
New familiar patterns
The timing of the Conference for National Unity, held
Partial Law
I was almost tempted to waste another article dissecting
Disinformation Watch: unity without accountability
On 6 February, President George Vella announced a one-day
A non-apology for a non-story
“While it is a fact that the current Leader
Disinformation hit list 2020
The disinformation that accompanied the pandemic was used in
The Yuletide charm offensive
PR (Propaganda Report) number 202679 issued by the Department

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