The enemy is the state 

The State is under siege. Its enemies are everywhere. They are undeserving of the greater good and idyllic life that the Masters of the State have so graciously bestowed upon them. They are intent on undermining the gargantuan achievements that have placed the nation (that the State serves) at the centre of the known universe.

That, in a nutshell, is the narrative that the party-in-State is selling in the run-up to the next election. A perfect example of this narrative is the provocative morning posts on Facebook by that dinosaur of Maltese-socialism Evarist Bartolo.

The narrative unwittingly admits the State capture that has gradually been implemented by the Labour Party since the advent of Messiah Muscat. The Labour Party and the State are one. The State and the nation are one. Action against one part of the trinity is an action against the whole.

The State tries to project a benign face of sovereign serenity that acts for the greater good of its people. The only interest that the State machine has is self-preservation and annihilation of any form of dissidence. This week, fellow columnist Kevin Cassar was on the receiving end of the kind of attrition reserved for the gravest enemies of the State.

He had dared conclude, on the basis of scientifically obtained data, that the State-Party’s continuing popularity is firmly grounded in a general lack of a certain level of education.

The apparatchiks and apologists of the State turned their guns on Cassar – turning him into a modern-day Cassandra, hated and cursed to never be believed. It would have been a case of business as usual had we not been bang in the middle of a period of State propaganda geared at guaranteeing the people an absolute commitment to remove any form of harassment of journalists.

There was no hint of irony in the turning of the Party-State guns on another columnist in the week of pharisaic public declarations of solidarity with journalists.

Even as Prime Minister Robert Abela strutted cockily alongside (Commission) President Von der Leyen, nodding mechanically at her calls for better protection of journalists, the minions in office were plotting yet another propagandistic attack on what they perceived to be an enemy of the State.

It was this very State that sat on the accused’s bench in a public inquiry and was found guilty of abetting an atmosphere of hate that led to the dehumanisation of a journalist and her eventual assassination.

The State might have gotten away with murder and more until now, but the tables are slowly turning. The State is discovering new ‘enemies’ who are prepared to challenge the state of affairs.

The incessant work of news portals such as The Shift over the past four years has meant that the whitewashing efforts of the State have failed. Big Brother might be constantly drumming the call to submission, but outside the Labour-Party-Nation trinity a  resistance movement has been growing. For these revolutionaries, the Enemy is the State.

Who are these people who dare resist? They include the father of a beautiful woman whose life was cut short due to the horrible (and long exposed) methods adopted in our correctional facility.

He will sue the State for violating his daughter’s right to life in an action that flies in the face of the intransigent dishonesty of the prison director, Minister Byron Camilleri and others who would have us believe that the citizens of the State are well served by the prison of death.

In any other country, heads would have rolled long ago but it takes the angry, anguished battle of a mourning father to even begin to fight the real enemy. Yet reactions to the father’s declared intention exposed the fault lines of the new battle – the State has infiltrated the citizens among us who are prepared to defend the irrational.

The resistance is to be found in the hundreds, if not thousands, prepared to continue to defy the madness of irrational development and the rape of our country. It is the few who have long understood that the sale of passports is not a sovereign decision to be proud of but an act of international piracy.

It is clear that the State capture relies on a majority of the population that has bowed to the indoctrination and has bought the narrative and utopian promises. This rebellion that is gradually beginning will need to persevere and be prepared for the long run.

It is a battle for liberty, to avoid its sudden death to the thunderous applause of the State’s chosen.


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