Renowned artist finally gets his Mintoff statue installed, in Paola 10 years later
Justice was finally served for one of Malta’s most
Court confirms Lino Cauchi butchered in political murder, 41 years later
Updated to include the Cauchi family’s appeal for the
Mintoff’s Baħrija hideout should be scheduled, objectors insist
Objections have been filed with the Planning Authority against
Embracing tyrants – Kevin Cassar
“Will they call von der Leyen corrupt?  Will they
The only former prime minister to use public property as office was… Dom Mintoff
Contrary to what former prime minister Joseph Muscat said
Civil service chief Mario Cutajar continues his attack on the Ombudsman
Principal Permanent Secretary Mario Cutajar upped his attack against
Bandwagon Dalli
Helena Dalli’s latest bungle as EU Equality Commissioner, necessitating
Dear Joe, we’ve seen this before
“The whole bunch of them should resign en masse.
Back to the Labour’s future
In Malta, it’s never actually about the policies or
The Dictator’s Handbook #5: The perils of meritocracy
“It is better to have loyal incompetents than competent
Mintoff ‘is-Salvatur’ and Joseph ‘il-King’: Political cults and democracy
You would think the Maltese would be more adept
Disinformation Watch #4: ‘traitors’ and ‘enemies of the state’
In a disinformation strategy as old as populism itself,
Disinformation Watch #3: How the government manufactured Mark Montebello story to discredit Archbishop
Mark Montebello, a Dominican friar who unlike other clerics
How Labour sold off socialism (and its soul)
At a hall in Pyongyang, the capital of North
‘Us and them’: a false dilemma
“Sunday’s rally will be a milestone in building a
For someone who grew up in the 80s, the

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